Northern Nights Film Festival – Pre-View

It’s unusual to find a film festival and awards event geared toward showcasing anyone other than the usual key personnel in indie movies (director, actors).
It’s even more unusual to find one shorn of the usual back-slapping ballyhoo you would associate with such events and that gets back to the basics: nurturing nascent film talent on a level playing field.
So it’s with a refreshing glee I note that the Northern Nights festival returns, an online and pop-up film festival that not only has the requisite award competition but also allows all manner of new movie-makers, from producers to sound-recordists, cinematographers to sales agents, the chance to showcase, meet and start developing their work.
For the awards, any type of film from any type of genre from any type of person – providing they are under 40 minutes in duration, all entrants are welcome. The winners will be announced at a gala evening on 8 September.
Think that’s all there is? Then think again as Northern Nights goes that extra step.
New to the festival this year are a series of networking events, meaning entrants will have the chance to meet members of other participating teams in a 30-minute individual meeting.
Additional one-on-one meetings can be requested. These meetings are not centred around single projects, but offer room for constructive exchange, for example to the chance to discuss business ideas, company strategies and potential common grounds for future collaborations.
The festival itself will run from 3-5 September and will be held at the Marylebone Pleasure Gardens.

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