Future movie releases…w/e 14 September 2012


About Elly – Iranian drama about a young woman who, whilst trying to match-make on a trip with friends, innocently sets about a series of events with a shocking conclusion. The Axiom Films website has more here. Showing in key UK cities.

Anton Corbijn: Inside Out – Dutch language docu that follows the titular artist as he travels the world. There is an official site here for those who read Dutch but IMDb might be most people’s safer bet for more details. Showing at the Curzon London only though.

Barfi! – Indian ‘cheeky chappie’ comedy. The official UTV site is here, IMDb is here.

Hope Springs – if they mean in terms of making a hit film, then having Meryl Streep in the lead role makes that almost certain. Well cast comedy about a middle-aged couple (Streep and Tommy Lee Jones) approaching a crisis point in their marriage. Steve Carell is the guidance counsellor whose help they seek. Nice looking Columbia/Magnate website but, if you’re going to have a whole photos section, put a few more pics in it.

Keyhole – odd sounding Guy Maddin thriller, in which gangster Jason Patric returns home after a long absence with the body of a dead girl in tow, his gang inside his house and estranged wife Isabelle Rossellini in their bedroom. Good reviews from the likes of Roger Ebert, but definitely strange. Official site is here.

Paranorman 3D – fun looking Laika (Coraline) animation, showing in 2 and 3D about a young boy who talks to the dead called upon to save his town from Zombies and other ghouls. Official site is here.

Premium Rush – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whom people of a certain age might remember as the constantly confused teenage alien in Third Rock From the Sun is becoming a mainstream movie man of the moment, after so many indie flicks, following his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises with this action thriller about a bike courier who picks up the wrong message. Sony Columbia’s official site has a trailer…and that’s it (making this look like The Fast and the Furious on two wheels). IMDb is here.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro – No, not the US 50’s drama with Gregory Peck atop aforementioned mountain, recounting the three women in his life but a French drama played out against the backdrop of trade union activity in a local community. Official Cinefile website has the full plot here.

To Rome With Love – typically star-studded Woody Allen offering, this time a romantic ode to the Eternal City rather than NY or London. Allen plays a retired opera director, though as usual it will be a role mirrored on his own carefully created image as the ultimate, modern day auteur. Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz and Judy Davis help flesh out the supporting cast. Official Sony site is here.

When the Lights Went Out – Just been reading about this drama in my regular Fortean Times, based on supposedly real-life events in Yorkshire in the seventies when a house was terrorised by poltergeists. IMDb site is here.

And on Wed 19 September…

Now is Good  – Dakota Fanning plays a terminal Leukemia sufferer who writes her own bucket list, top of which is losing her cherry to handsome neighbour Jeremy Irvine (War Horse). Who could blame here? WordPress has an official blog here.



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