Future movie releases…w/e 5 October 2012


English Vinglish – drama in the Shirley Valentine vein as a belittled Indian housewife seeks emancipation when she enrols on an English course. View the trailer here. Showing at key cities only.

Everything or Nothing : The Untold Story of 007 – documentary, smartly being released just ahead of the new Bond Skyfall. Again, key cities only.

The Knot – billed as the British Bridesmaids meets The Hangover...so you know just what to expect from this comedy! Official Facebook page is here. Key cities only.

Liberal Arts – Josh Radnor is the writer/director/lead actor in this campus romance, as a man down on his job who is given the opportunity to relive his College days. He meets the beautiful sophomore Elizabeth Olsen and finds direction once again. Official IFC website is here. Key cities only.

Sinister – Ethan Hawke is the true crime novelist who comes across a box of sinister home movies. From the makers of Paranormal Activity. Official site is here. Showing all over the UK.

Some Guy Who Kills People – the title more or less sums this up; a newly released mental hospital patient (Kevin Corrigan) sets about killing the people he deems are responsible for his miserable life. The official site is here. Key cities only.

Sparkle – Mowtown era musical starring Jordin Sparks as the musical prodigy struggling to set up a girl group with her sisters. The ghoulish amongst you may want to take note; this is the last film Whitney Houston (starring as Sparks’ mum) made before her death. Official site is here. Key cities.


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