Read all about it…movies in the news (8 Oct 2012)


Loving The New Yorker‘s work recently, they keep churning out eye-catching film articles. This piece, by ‘Cinerama’ guru Dave Kehr, looks at the Museum of Modern Art’s ‘To Save and Protect’ project, restoring, preserving and screening old and rare film, several of which are being shown at the New York Film Festival. They include an early sound film starring silent movie goddess Clara Bow, the racily titled Call Her Savage (1932).

Ahead of the release of several already acclaimed gay movies, The Guardian looks at how a ‘New Wave Queer Cinema’ is developing, grounded in ‘real’ storylines with well rounded characters, rather than being based on ‘issues’ or superficial, rom-com style films. The article, correspondingly, is in-depth and serious, but still fascinating as gay film-makers talk about how they are working toward depicting being gay in a manner where it is part of the normal fabric of the film.


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