Future movie releases…w/e 19 October 2012


5 Broken Cameras – political documentary shot by a Palestinian farmer, chronicling the increasing encroachment on West Bank land by an Israeli settlement. The official website tells more about the makers’ aims; listed only as being shown in the West End and ‘selected locations’ (mysterious!)

Beasts of the Southern Wild – tipped for big things at next year’s Oscars and already garlanded with film festival awards from Cannes and Sundance, this whimsical drama follows Hushpuppy (Quvenzhané Wallis) who must deal with her father’s fading health and her bayou home being deluged with water after the ice caps melt, as she learns the ways of courage and love.  Looks like a huge crowd pleaser. Official site has the details here, but showing at key cities only.

Flying Swords of Dragons Gate – haven’t we heard this title of film from star Jet Li before? Very similar to anything else in the Crouching Tiger… vein, this new addition to the martial arts genre has an added visual interest in that it is set in a barren desert. Official site is here, showing at key cities only. 

Ginger & Rosa – I have followed Sally Potter’s eclectic career ever since seeing her gorgeous, witty Virginia Woolf adaptation Orlando (1992). It’s been an up and down affair for her critically and commercially since that film captured international attention and launched the worldwide career of Tilda Swinton. Here, Potter nabs another top flight star cast (Elle Fanning, Alessandro Nivola, Christina Hendricks) for this WWII drama about impressionable teen Fanning’s friendship with  Alice Englert being compromised by her nuclear activist father’s unconventional lifestyle. The official site is here.  Showing at key cities only.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (3D) – Dreamworks have constructed a fun and impressive website to launch this 3rd addition in the animated series. The characters from the previous films are still trying to get back to New York, this time hitching a ride with and reinventing a travelling circus in order to do this. Showing nationwide.

Student of the Year – Bollywood High School drama featuring an almost hilariously beautiful cast. Official site is here. Key cities.

And on Monday next week…

Dark Tide – this seems to have been in post-production for ages. Halle Berry and current off-screen squeeze Olivier Martinez star in this thriller about shark experts reuniting for another dive after a member of their crew is savagely mauled by a Great White. Amazingly, that’s about all that seems to happen and my synopsis is a tad more succinct than the waffle on the official site. Incredibly, with these stars, it’s showing at key cities only – possible distribution problems, methinks?

Hello Quo – The official Facebook page promises a “no holds barred” insight into the career of ‘Dad’s favourite’ rockers Status Quo over the past 50 years. Does that include Francis Rossi’s hair transplants episode?

And on Wednesday next week…

Chakravayuh –  Bollywood political thriller. Official Facebook page is here. Showing nationwide.


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