Future movie releases…w/e 25 January 2013


Hollow – British horror starring Emily Plumtree about an abandoned monastery that lures young people to commit suicide. Wikipedia site is here but only having a limited release.

The Last Stand – Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his big screen comeback as a small-town Sherrif who takes on a big drug Lord (Eduardo Noriega) who happens upon his small town. Official UK site is here, showing nationwide.

Lincoln – one of the big hitters for this years awards season, this is Spielberg’s Civil War epic with Daniel Day-Lewis as the titular 1860’s President who must wrestle with political in-fighting as he struggles with his conscience to try and free millions of slaves in America. Largely tipped to win at least the big acting Oscars (Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones are also nominated, but in the supporting categories) this has the sweep of a big film at least. Showing nationwide. Official site is here.

Movie 43 – Despite the massive social media profile employed to promote this comedy, still no official site. Looks like a massive portmanteau flick with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman et al…no idea (or much care) about what it is about though. Showing nationwide. Facebook page is here.

Race 2 – I love how with Bollywood films when you try to find out what the plot is, even the Wikipedia and Facebook pages tell you next to anything! Essentially though, this is a Bollywood Fast and the Furious. Wikipedia site is here and this is showing at Key Cities only.

Won’t Back Down – Seems like every year brings a new failing inner-city American school drama. Here, Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal try to sort theirs out to improve their kids grades. IMDb site is here, showing at key cities only.

Zero Dark Thirty  – controversial US drama (director Kathryn Bigelow was, according to rumours, denied an Oscar nod for best director here because of this film’s graphic torture sequences), Jessica Chastain stars as the committed intelligence operative who is involved in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Official site is here, showing nationwide.

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