Future movie release…w/e 1 March 2013


Acoustic Routes – Billy Connolly narrates this documentary about the guitarist Bert Jansch. No official site (though Glasgow Film has the trailer here), but the film will be showing at key cities (screening details here).

Arbitrage – one of the morstcomplicated to pronounce films of the new year, Richard Gere stars in another economy/credit crunch-slanted thriller, as a hedge fund magnate trying to sell of his empire before the banks discover the massive fraud he’s been indulging in. Co-starring Susan Sarandon and Tim Roth. Official website is here, showing in most places.

The Attacks of 26/11 – Hindi drama that tells of the Mumbai terror attacks in 2011. The official Facebook page is here and the film will be showing at key cities.

The Bay – it’s been a few years since Barry Levinson’s last stint in the director’s chair (2008’s What Just Happened). He returns with this Blair Witch style ‘mockumentary’ about an ecological disaster that occurs off the coast of a quaint Maryland town. The official site is here and the film will be showing at key cities.

Broken City – ex-cop Mark Wahlberg goes on the vengeance trail after being double-crossed…by mayor Russell Crowe. Catherine Zeta-Jones stars in this thriller from director Allen Hughes (one of the Hughes brothers behind From Hell).  Official site is here.

Caesar Must Die winner of the Golden Bear at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival, this Italian drama follows the preparations behind the annual play staged by inmates at the high security Rebbibia prison. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is the choice this time around. Official New Wave Films site is here, but this will only be on a limited run.

Gangs of Wasseypur Part 2  – second installment in this sprawling Indian crime drama filmed, like all good sequels, back-to-back. The story of vengeance in the first film has now consumed the entire town of Wasseypur. Wikipedia has the full low-down of the film here, but the Mara Pictures’ home page has the screening locations here.

The Gospel According to Matthew – Pier Paolo Passolini’s religious drama from 1964 was controversial in that for a film-maker who courted controversy throughout his career, it was the Catholic Church who loved this literal filming of the gospel and his leftist colleagues who thought he had sold out. BFI’s website has the screening locations here.

Hi-So – bittersweet romance set in Thailand, post-Boxing Day Tsunami with Thai star Ananda Everingham. Official day-for-night pictures site is here, detailing the handful of cinemas so far screening the film in London.

Michael H. Profession: Director – director Michael Haneke hit Oscar big-time this year, winning the award for best foreign film for Amour and seeing his 84 year old star Emmanuelle Riva nominated for best actress. This documentary from Yves Montmayeur follows his career, using Amour as the central film to explore his work.  Official website is here, showing at key cities only.

Safe Haven – another Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook) book-film adaptation, this stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough in a slushy, soft-focus romance about a young woman’s struggle to love again. Official Facebook page is here and, appropriately for such a soggy movie, the country will be ‘saturated’ with screenings.

Sleep Tight – Rotten Tomatoes has given this Spanish horror a freshness rating of 91%. Interesting sounding plot, in which a creepy concierge, convinced he was born to be unhappy, sets about winding his tenants up. Trouble is, new girl Marta Etura proves immune to his attempts. He sets about upping the ante to make her uncomfortable. Wikipedia has a few extra tit-bits of info here, but this will be on a limited run only.

Stoker – acclaimed South Korean director Chan Woon-Park (Old Boy, Lady Vengeance) helms his first American feature in which Mia Wakowski’s weird Uncle Matthew Goode moves in after her dad dies. Suspecting him of funny goings on, she none the less becomes infatuated with him. Unstable Mum Nicole Kidman rounds off the bonkers family. Official Fox site is here; but will be screening at key UK cities only.

Trashed – good things expected of this environmental doc, with Jeremy Irons narrating and Vangelis providing the music. The focus of the film is the rubbish we dump and dispose of. No screening details yet, but the official site has a section to be updated here.

And as of Tuesday 5 March…

Verity’s Summer – sounds like another Nicholas Sparks novel slapped across the silver screen, but this has considerably more grit to it. A teenager on the Northumberland coast uncovers some uncomfortable truths about her policeman father’s role in the torture of Iraqi prisoners. Official website is here; there are details of a few of the screenings here.


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