Future movie releases…w/e 26 April 2013


The ABCs of Death – 26 directors tell 26 different stories about ways to die in this disjointed and distinctly odd looking horror/drama. The official site is here; there are details of what cinemas are showing it here.

Bernie – comedy starring Jack Black as the nicest man in town who meets  Shirley MacLaine, the meanest woman who ever lived and sets about trying to make her happy. But when she is found dead, could the eternally optimistic Bernie have done the deed the whole town wanted to commit? Matthew McConaughey co-stars for director Richard Linklater. The official website is here; it will be showing at key cities only.

In the Fog – interesting, if intense sounding, Russian drama about an innocent who is caught up in events during WWII and is forced to become a hero as events and history escalate around him. The official site is here; it will be showing at key cities only.

The Look of Love – lots of publicity around this biopic of Paul Raymond, the owner of the SoHo Review Bar, the first venue to show full frontal nudity in the UK, but who would probably choke on his Martini if he saw what you could download on your lap-top these days. Steve Coogan plays Raymond, Anna Friel is his wife and Michael Winterbottom, who also directed Coogan in 24 Hour Party People, handles the megaphone chores. Official Facebook page is here; the film should be playing in most places across the UK.

Lords of Salem – speaking of odd films, here is another, from director Rob Zombie. A radio station DJ (Sheri Moon Zombie, the director’s wife) is given a box containing a record from the ‘Lords of Salem’. After playing it, she starts going mad…but is it the Lords returning for revenge on her modern day town of Salem? Co-starring Bruce Davison and Judy Geeson, the official site is here and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it will only be showing on a limited run.

Scarecrow – Jerry Schatzberg’s 70’s classic sees Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman as a couple of losers and the oddball characters they meet as they realise Hackman’s dream of setting up his own car wash. The official Park Circus website is here and the film will be showing at key cities only.

White Elephant – inspired by the true story of Argentinian Priest Father Mugica, this film follows his fight, along with a fellow priest and a social worker, to help the residents of a Favela. The official Axiom Films site is here; the film will be showing at key cities only.


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