Read all about it…movies in the news (4 May 2013)


The Catholic Online site reports here that Netflix is suffering a dip in popularity following new fee levels and losing streaming rights to 2,000 titles. Interesting to find out how streaming rights works.

The Guardian reports here that 5 members of the British film industry have been charged over an alleged movie tax relief fraud.

The Guardian always comes up with the better film articles. Here, in this regrettably short piece, Charlie Lyne looks at how American studios are bending over backwards to accommodate the censorship demands of Chinese cinema. But with upwards of $2bn of box office takings in China, it’s money well spent.

The Daily Telegraph’s Anne Billson has a good, long whinge about poor manners in the cinema here. Billson makes some smart observations and points out one cinema in the states, the Alamo Drafthouse, that has a zero tolerance policy toward people who talk during movies.

I highlight this because she annoyed the hell out of me on the Graham Norton Show two weeks back. The Independent’s Ellen E Jones wields a mighty stick. Here, she gives Gwyneth Paltrow a good battering with it. More please!



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