Future movie releases…w/e 2 August 2013


The Conjuring – generally good reviews for this Poltergeist/Amytivlle Horror type story with Patrick Wilson and the always watchable Vera Farmiga as paranormal investigators trying to help farmers Ron Livingston and Lilly Taylor when their Rhode Island home is haunted. It’s from the director behind Saw (2004) so, given the praise so far in, let’s hope this one delivers. It will be showing nationwide and the official Warner Bros. site is here.

From Up on Poppy Hill – a fragrantly lovely title if ever there was, Japanese animated drama about a high school out to save her school’s club house from demolition. In this Anglicised rejig, voices are provided by the likes of Gillian Anderson and The Tudors’ Sarah Bolger. It will be showing at key cities only and the official Studio Canal page is here.

Heaven’s Gate – reappraisal for this epic western, synonymous with epic failure with both critics, members of the public and other film makers, has been grumbling along for many years now. Director Michael Cimino’s career was effectively finished when this long and elegiac piece went belly-up at the box office and nearly caused production company United Artists to follow suit. Worth a look; do bear in mind movie patrons, the finished film weighs in at 3 hours 36 minutes. The official Park Circus page is here; the film will screen at key cities only.

My Father and the Man in Black – drama looking at the troubled relationship between singer Johnny Cash and his manager, Saul Holiff. The official website is here; the film will be showing at selected UK cinemas only.

Only God Forgives – Ryan Gosling (swoon!) stars as a drug kingpin in Bangkok out to avenging his brothers death, but an unhinged policeman is watching his every move. Stylish looking thriller from the director of Gosling’s Drive (2011) featuring a slutty looking, peroxide Kristin Scott Thomas as his mother. The official Facebook page is here and the film will be screened at most UK cinemas.

Paradise: Hope – the conclusion to Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise trilogy follows an overweights Austrian girl at a fat camp who falls in love with the doctor, who is 40 years her senior. The official Soda Pictures website is here; the film will show at key cities.

Red 2 – Bruce Willis cobbles together his team of elite operatives on a global quest to track down a missing nuclear device. Co-starring John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The official website is here; the film will be showing all over the UK.

And from Wednesday 7 August…

Alan Partridge, Alpha Papa – the cinematic debut of Steve Coogan’s forever bumbling Norwich based TV ‘star’. The official BBC website is here, the film will be showing all over.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (3D) – second in the trilogy of Rick Riordan book-film adaptations about a young demi-god Jackson (Logan Lerman), son of Poseidon, out to save his mortal, High School mates. The official site is here; the film will be playing in most multiplexes.



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