UK movies release…30 August 2013


Bonjour Tristesse – Otto Preminger’s 1950’s comedy in which Jean Seberg tries to derail her Dad David Niven’s new romance with Deborah Kerr gets a new run in key cities thanks to Park Circus. The official Park Circus page is here.

Hammer of the Gods – Viking epic in which a dying Viking king sends his son on a quest to seek the clan’s last hope for stopping an approaching enemy horde. The film will show at key cities only and the official site is here.

Pain and Gain  – Transformer maestro Michael Bay tries his hand at comedy, although as those sci-fi films were so laughably bad, one could say a thread of humour runs through his films anyway. This is apparently based on a true story of three Miami personal trainers who steal a lot of money from a criminal, in pursuit of the American Dream of course. The film will be showing nationwide and the official website is here.

Plein Soleil – the French version of The Talented Mr Ripley (1999) stars the impossibly good looking Alain Delon in the Matt Damon role, a chancer who insinuates himself into the life of socialite Maurice Ronet and his girlfriend Marie Laforet. The film will play at key cities only so check your big city Art House cinema websites.

Upstream Colour – resoundingly great reviews across the board for this most uniquely visual of films. The IMDb plot summary is fantastically prosaic: ‘A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism. Identity becomes an illusion as they struggle to assemble the loose fragments of wrecked lives.’ Worth seeing just to unravel such a mystery. The official website is here; the film will be showing at key cities only.

And on Monday 2 September…

Cherry – Kyle Gallner is the freshman geek who dates a woman and her 14 year old daughter whilst at College in this sparky looking comedy from 2010. Thofficial site is here; the film will be on a limited release.

And on Wednesday 4 September…

About Time – groan. The name Richard Curtis above a film title usually means a smug, sarcastic and generally unfunny time will be had by the viewer. Brendan Gleeson’s real-life lad Domhnall plays a man who can relive his past, so uses this unique ability to woo and woo again Rachel McAdams. The official website is here; the film will show throughout the UK.

Riddick – Vin Diesel must be short of inspiration to prop up his floundering career, with this third installment in the outer space saga that began with the inventive Pitch Black (2000). His titular anti-hero finds himself again on a scorched planet and again having to fight aliens so he sets of a beacon for help…but the mercenaries who land to meet him aren’t exactly friendly. Pitch Black‘s director David Twohy returns behind the camera here so the wide distribution deal might just save Diesel’s box-office skin. The official website is here.


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