Future movie releases…w/e Friday 22 November 2013


Blue is the Warmest Colour – some controversy around this tale of a lesbian teenager (Adèle Exarchopoulos) and her affair with her blue-haired teacher (Léa Seydoux), some accusing it of perving a little longer than necessary on the characters (see Metro  interview with Seydoux here). Either way, this seems brave and frank and will be showing at many UK cinemas, so check out your art house places or bigger multiplexes. Official Artificial Eye site is here.

Breakfast With Jonny Wilkinson – as you might predict, this comedy takes place during the Rugby World Cup as a local team are set to lose their beloved chairman. The official Facebook page is here and the film will be playing at key cities only.

Computer Chess – it’s not often that chess forms part of a film. And even rarer for that film to be a comedy. Computer developers pit their intelligence against that of chess masters during a weekend of software development craziness. Hilair! Thankfully, it will only be showing at key cities so easy to miss. The official Flickr site is here.

The Family – Luc Besson is probably the last director one would associate with the crime genre. But here he is helping this darkly funny ‘mafia fish out of water’ thriller with Robert De Niro as the crime boss relocated under the witness protection scheme with his family to a small town in France after snitching on the mob. Trouble is, they find it hard to shed their old way of life and, of course, are soon tracked down. The official Tumblr site is here; the film will be showing at most UK cinemas.

Flu – Korean pandemic disaster film. The official website is in Korean, as is the Facebook page, so if you don’t speak the dialect, better check out IMDb here. The film will be showing at key cities only.

Gone With the Wind – aaaaah. There can be no better word for this, possibly the most famous of Hollywood films, than perfection. And by perfection we are of course bypassing the rampant racism, wild histrionics, Vivien Leigh’s continent jumping accent (and most of said histrionics) and the longuers after the Civil War has finished. Classic American film-making like this will never be seen again. Clark Gable, Leslie Howard and (the only remaining principal cast member still alive, at the grand old age of 97) Olivia de Havilland round out some of the massive cast list. Re-released in a tarted up edit, it is being presented by the BFI at these cinemas to coincide with what have been Leigh’s 100th birthday.

Killing Oswald – 50 years ago this week JFK was assassinated so there has been a glut of TV documentaries to chronicle this seismic historical event. This docu looks into the mystery of why the President and his killer Lee Harvey Oswald were both murdered that year. The official website is here and the film will be playing at key cities only.

Parkland – and here is the second big screen JFK offering this week, purporting to be the ‘true’ telling of that fateful day in Dallas. The disparate stories of various people closely involved in the tragedy, including duty doctor Zac Efron are woven together, a la Robert Altman. The official site is here; the film will be showing all over.

Vendetta – ‘Danny Dyer back doing what he does best!’ scream the slogans for this crime thriller, not leaving us many entertaining options to contemplate. He kills someone trying to break into his shop and the man’s gang return to beat him and rape his wife leading to a sub-Death Wish on a council estate. The film will be showing at key cities only and the official website is here.

Vivan las Antipodas! – beautiful sounding documentary as filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky takes us to several antipodes on the planet (antipodes being places that are diametrically opposed to one another) to show us the different people who live there. The official website contains a little more here; the film will show at key cities only. 


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