Future movie release… w/e 21 March 2014


Read my round-up of latest movie releases coming to a cinema near you.

About Last Night

Remake of the Brat Pack romance from the eighties with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, this time with African-American actors playing the lead roles. We follow two couples from the bar to the bedroom as their relationships are then put to the test in the real world. Starring Kevin Hart, Michael Early, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant, the film will be released to most UK cinemas. The official Sony Pictures site is here.


Standing for Gay Best Friend (hence Megan Mullaly from Will & Grace appearing in the cast perhaps) this queer Mean Girls follows two High School  ‘GBFs’, one bursting to come out and the other wanting to remain below the radar. When the quieter one is outed and becomes more popular, they quickly turn into ‘frenemies’. In come the ‘Mean Girls’ who attempt by many means necessary to win the friendship of this new, gay addition to their clique.  It looks frothy and fun and sounds riotously fab darlings. The official site is here but looks like there is only one cinema screening the film; it will be available to view on demand from 22 March. Details on the website.

Labor Day

Despite the erroneous spelling to the title, the talents of Josh Brolin and Kate (‘Wins-It’) Winslet were still rounded up in a tale about an escaped convict (Brolin) renting a room in depressed Winslet’s house. Her 13 year old son (Gattlin Griffith) is the man of the house watching this develop during the long ‘Labor’ Day weekend. The official website is here and the film will be playing all over.

A Long Way Down

Based on the Nick Hornby novel, this drama follows a group of people (among them Pearce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike) who meet up during New Years and form a surrogate help network to support them through their personal tribulations. The film will be playing nationwide at most cinemas and although there is no official website, IMDb has the technical details here.

The Machine

Frankenstein-esque Brit Sci-Fi thriller in which scientist Toby Stephens creates androids from severely injured soldiers in order to create the perfect diplomatic killing machine – one that can negotiate as well as maim large numbers of people. Prophetically released, given the situation in the Crimea. The official website is here and the film will be playing at key cities only.

Der Rauber/The Robber

Based on the real-life criminal exploits of Austrian bank robber Johann Rettenberger, this crime thriller rests on the excitement of the robberies rather the motives and background of the man himself. Showing at key cities, the official page on the Fimhouse Pictures site is here.


Crime drama following a Sicilian mafia hit man who spares the life of a blind girl who witnesses him murdering her brother. The film then looks at how these two people negotiate the next dangerous steps in their lives. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize from the Critics at Cannes last year. The official Peccadillo Pictures web page is here; the film will be playing at key cities only.

Starred Up

Another crime related film, this sees a young criminal thrown into an adult prison from a Young Offenders Institute (this dubious promotion is being ‘starred up) and learning the ropes as he survives the regime and having to confront his career criminal father (Ben Mendlsohn) who has spent most of his life behind bars. Rupert Friend is the posh social worker attempting to win the boy back from going down the same road as his Dad. The film will be showing across most UK cinemas; the official Sigma Film’s web page is here.


Jonny Owen stars as a Welsh postman who discovers a little known band on YouTube and tries to make them famous. Trouble is, the more effort and heartache he puts into promoting them, the more the success means he is likely to lose them…and his true love, Vicky McClure. It will play at key cities only and the official site is here.

The Unknown Known

Errol Morris is a formidable and talented documentary film-maker. He is, after all, the man behind The Thine Blue Line (1988) and The Fog of War (2003). Here, looking at history through the eyes of Donald Rumsfeld, he has the former Secretary of State act out his ‘snowflakes’ (the memos he wrote during his 50 year political career) rather than opt for a formal interview structure. Sounds a unique opportunity not to be missed. The official site is here and the film will be shown at these UK locations.

Yves Saint Laurent

There are two biopics about the legendary French clothes designer; this is the one that has the official seal of approval from Pierre Berge, YSL’s lover and business partner, played here by Guillame Gallienne. Pierre Niney, looking eerily like the great man himself, is in the lead role. The film will play across key cities only; no official website but the IMDb link is here. As for the other film? Berge has seen that one may not see the light of a cinema screen; read more about it here on The Daily Telegraph’s website.


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