UK movies out this Friday, 30 May


The hot (and the not so hot) flicks hitting cinema screens tomorrow. For more, come inside…

Battlefield Company: Korengal

War documentary from the makers of Restrepo (2010), this follows the same unit of men and their commanders to examine how war works, what it feels like and what it does to the men on the front line. One of Restrepo’s co-directors was Tim Herrington, who was recently killed whilst filming in Libya (see Daily Mail article here). The official website is here,  the film will show at key cities only.


British, mid-life crisis comedy as four school friends link up to traverse the north of the country as the film examines the nature of lengthy, male friendships. The official website is here and although only showing on a limited release, the details of those screenings are here.

Edge of Tomorrow

A brilliantly detailed website exhaustively follows the cast and crew of this latest sci-fi action blockbuster from Tom Cruise showing, if nothing else, that the Cruiseter’s publicity machine is in fine, firm fettle. He plays a soldier hunting aliens caught in a Groundhog Day scenario of being killed but waking up to relive previous events, but up-skilling every time the day repeats itself. Emily Blunt is there to offer assistance. Showing nationwide.

A Farewell to Arms

About as antique as you can get, director Frank Borzage’s blissfully beautiful adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s novel (it won an Oscar for cinematography) stars Gary Cooper as the American WWI soldier who falls in love with a British nurse (American Helen Hayes). Re-released on a limited run by the BFI following a recent restoration by Lobster Films, screening locations can be found here.

For No Good Reason

A portrait of ‘Gonzo’ artist Ralph Steadman and also featuring Johnny Depp, who famously appeared in a film adaptation of Gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998). The official website is here; the film will be screened across London only.

Heaven Is For Real

Sickly looking adaptation of the book that chronicles a young boy becoming an evangelical sensation after a near death experience sees him inexplicably recounting his experience of heaven. Which has noting to do with his dad being an ordained minister, of course. Greg Kinnear stars as his Pa and the official Sony Pictures site is here. Mercifully, it is on a limited run only.

Jimmy’s Hall

Ye Gods, not another Ken Loach movie? Will he ever give up and make a massive, blockbuster sci-fi epic of nonsensical proportions with vapid characters, poor acting and a Swiss-cheese plot?! No, he churns out more slice-of-life, based on real events fodder, this time about a village hall in rural Ireland. Yawn. Showing across most of the UK, Wikipedia has some further information here.

Mariachi Gringo

A man stuck in a dead-end job decides to run away to Mexico to become a Mariachi singer. As you do. Showing on a limited run, the official website is here. Mariachi is Mexican folk music and Wikipedia will tell you all about it if you want to know more.

A Million Ways To Die In the West

Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron star in this western comedy about a man who is helped by a beautiful woman to find his inner man when his girlfriend leaves him. Unfortunately her husband, an outlaw, arrives on the scene at the same time.  The film will be showing just about everywhere and the official website is here.

Mr Jones

Odd sounding horror, a cross between The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Love Is the Devil (1998) as a couple holidaying in a remote cabin think they have come across a strange, reclusive artist and attempt to document what could be the artistic scoop of the century. The official Content Media website is here, showing at key cities only.

Venus in Fur

Erotic study from Roman Polanski, starring his real-life wife Emmanuelle Seigner as an actress who tries out for a part in Mathiue Amalric’s (Roman Polanski?) latest play and surprises him by seeming to inhabit the part. He becomes obsessed with her. The official Artificial Eye website is here and the film will play at key cities.


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