UK movies out this Friday, 27 June 2014


Roll up, roll out or indeed roll in if you prefer, these are the flicks filling up the new UK movie release schedule this week…


Jon Favreau is the titular chef who loses his restaurant and starts up a ‘street cuisine’ business in the back of an old van whilst at the same time trying to reclaim his estranged family. The list of locations can be found here; the official Facebook page is here.

Cold in July

Michael C. Reilly, Sam Shepard and comeback kid Don Johnson star in this thriller about a protective dad meeting a murderous ex-con and both men needing to change their respective situations, as they find their lives spiraling further out of control. The film will be showing at most UK screens, the official website is here.

The Golden Dream

Ken Loach disciple Diego Quemada-Diez directs this road-movie about four Guatemalan teenagers and their dangerous journey across the border of Mexico.  The official website is here; the film will be playing at key cities only.

Keeping Rosy

Maxine Peake is the city big hitter, desperate for a slice of the empire she has helped create. When she is stabbed in the back by a colleague, she takes her anger out on her cleaner with disastrous consequences. The official website is here; the film will show at key cities only.

Mistaken For Strangers

When Matt Beringer was the lead singer of rock group The National, he invited his brother Tom to be a roadie. But Tom took a camera to make a backstage docu instead and this is the feature length account of their time on the road. The official site is here; screening details are here.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Irish comic Brendan O’Carroll worked this larger than life ‘Irish Mammy with many children and their assorted personal problems’ character to death (including a 1999 film with Anjelica Huston which he co wrote) with mixed results until he struck gold with the recent BBC sitcom. Big-screen transfers of TV sitcoms are a mixed affair, but this one might go the distance. The official website is here and screening details are here.

Return to Homs

Documentary from Talal Derki about a Syrian citizen who challenged everything and everyone to demand freedom. It’s a movie about war and the pressure of being in a battlefield. Screening details are here and the official website is here.

Secret Sharer

The divine Greta Garbo once bought a copy of this Joseph Conrad novel but couldn’t bear to finish reading it as she suspected something horrible was awaiting her when she turned a page. Where that diffident movie legend left-off you can pick up in this modern updating. When a crew abandons ship, the young captain is left alone on board. That night, while waiting anxiously on deck, he finds a naked body floating in the sea below, tangled up in the ship’s rope ladder. Pulling up the ladder, the captain discovers a beautiful Chinese woman, alive but in distress. Uninvited, she climbs on board. Dawn comes a few hours later and so does a search party led by the woman’s husband, followed by the crew, all looking for a murderer. The official website is here and the film will be showing at key cities only.

Under the Rainbow

Director Agnes Jaoui and screenwriter Jean-Pierre Bacri (The Taste of Others, Look at Me) deliver a delightful Parisian modern-day fairy tale. Based on a story of interconnected relationships, the film features an ensemble cast led by Jaoui and Bacri who are aunt and father of young Laura and aspiring composer Sandro, respectively. They end up bonding while they try to cope with each other’s own mid-life crises and the expectations and struggles of daily life. The official website is here and screening details can be found here.

Walking on Sunshine

Katy Brand and Leona Lewis no less are two of the ladies in this Mama Mia! style Brits abroad for a holiday romance caper, this time set to key tunes of 80’s rather than ABBA hits. The official website is here and the film will be playing just about everyplace with a cinema.


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