UK movies out this Friday (3 October 2014)


A list of new films released in the UK on Friday 3 October 2014.

Use Find Any Film to get screening locations for the films below.

Dolphin Tale 2

Sequel to the 2011 movie, this continues the story of Winter, the dolphin who was famously given a prophetic tale after her own was damaged when she was caught in a crab trap. When an older dolphin who shares her aquarium dies, the race is on to find a new playmate as government regulations stipulate dolphins must be housed with others, meaning she could be moved from the humans who care for her. Starring Harry Connick Jr. and Morgan Freeman, the official website is here and the film will be showing all over UK cinemas.

Dracula Untold

Gary Shore directs this prequel to the Bram Stoker novel, about the origins of the man (Luke Evans) who would become the titular vampire. Supporting cast includes Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon and Charles Dance. The trailer here on YouTube indicates a dark, visceral take on Coppola’s lush and visually inventive 1992 version of the tale, along the lines of 300 (2007). The official Warner Bros. website is here and most UK cinemas will be screening it.

Draft Day

Kevin Costner stars in this American football film. I have no idea how to talk about this sport, or the NFL, but it involves both. Costner is a football manager who has to decide what is the best thing to do personally and professionally when he risks everything for a top player he wants to help his team win. A starry support cast includes Jennifer Garner, Frank Langella, Denis Leary and Terry Crews. The official website is here and the film will have a wide release so check out your local multiplexes for screening details. Official trailer on Youtube is here.

Gone Girl

Lots of publicity during the week about this, including a nice Daily Mail piece about the perils and joys of adapting books for the silver screen. Great little website too which brings you immediately into the story of a seemingly perfect marriage (Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike) wrenched apart when she goes missing and his strange behaviour and revelations about the poor relationship between them make people ask did he kill her? David Fincher directs the brooding story that should be available for you to catch at almost all UK cinema screens. Youtube trailer is here.

The Great British Train Robbery – A Tale Of Two Thieves

A documentary from director Chris Long that purports to reveal the identity of the mastermind behind the infamous 1960’s crime. Sparse details, but there is a page on the Signature Entertainment website. The film will show at key cities only.

Le Jour Se Leve

Or Daybreak to give it it’s English title, French cinema icon Jean Gabin stars as Francois who, after committing a murder, locks himself in his apartment and recollects the events the led him to the killing. Cited as one the most influential French films of all time, it is directed by another Gallic movie titan Marcel Carne. The official Studio Canal page is here, the film will be screened at key cities only, so check out your local art house, Picturehouse or BFI cinemas for showings.


Happy sounding grief drama with Dervla Kirwin and Ben Daniels as a couple whose child has recently died, visiting a friend (Michael Maloney) and his much younger girlfriend (Stephanie Leonidas) in an isolated farm house. Past loves, secrets and emotions come to the boil. The official website is here and the film will be showing at key cities only.

Still the Enemy Within

Documentary about the 1984-1985 miners strike, eschewing the usual politicians and experts and focusing on first-hand experiences of those directly affected at the time. The official website is here and, although showing at key cities only, there are screening details here.


Born out of wedlock early in the last century, impoverished and unloved Violette Leduc (Devos) meets Simone de Beauvoir (Kiberlain) in post war Saint-Germaindes-Pres. An intense lifelong relationship develops between the two women authors, based on Violette’s quest for freedom through writing and on Simone’s conviction that she holds in her hands the destiny of an extraordinary writer. The official Soda Pictures webpage, with trailer, is here, the film will be showing at key cities only.

Will and Testament – Tony Benn

Tony Benn is the longest serving Labour MP of all-time. This documentary sees the man looking back on the key historical events that occurred during his time in office, as well as looking at the man behind the socialism. The official website is here and screening details and locations are here.

Withnail and I

The iconic exploration of desperate, struggling actors, Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann made their career breakthroughs in writer/director Bruce Robinson perennial student favourites, two drunken, drug-taking luvvies who hole up in a remote farmhouse, ostensibly to dry out, forever waiting for their agent to call. The official Arrow Films webpage is here, but check out your local art house venues as it will be on a key city screening schedule only.

You and the Night

Here’s a sexy, anything goes product from France: around midnight, a stylish young couple and their exuberant transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen. Each comes with their own dark and impassioned secrets, unravelled in sequences and flashbacks, in a night that will stay with you long after. Starring Beatrice Dalle and Eric Cantona, no less, whom it looks like someone cums on. The official Peccadillo Pictures webpage is here and check out the Youtube trailer here, it actually looks like a sparkling, strobe-light and neon dream.

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