Friday Film News Update


A round-up of today’s biggest movie stories in the UK newspapers.

The Guardian

The great awards whitewash – whatever happened to diversity on the red carpet?
Lanre Bakare looks at why ethnic minority talent seems to have been passed over by this year’s awards season.

And there’s more…

30 minutes with Eddie Murphy
The Hollywood legend talks about reggae, dancing with Michael Jackson and updates on Beverley Hills Cop 4.

And the Best Chat-Up Line Is…
Peter Bradshaw presents an alternative list of award categories, including Most Awkward Date and the Best Reaction To Being Overlooked By the Oscars.

Who Are All These Aliens?
Guardian Defence Correspondent Ewen MacAskill is an unlikely award season addition, but following a bit part in Citizenfour he trod the red carpet at the BAFTA’s and reports back on his new front line.

‘It’s a Harrowing World’
Rounding of the G’s pre-Oscar blitz, screenwriter Dan Gilroy talks about capitalism, violence in the news and starving Jake Gyllenhaal, the star of his recent Nightcrawler.


There’s going to be an Alien 5
And Neil Blomkamp, director of District 9 will be wielding the clapperboard.


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