Film programmes on TV and radio this week


A list of the main movie discussions, docs and gossip programmes on the radio and TV in the UK this week.

Wednesday 5 August

The Business Of Film with Mark Kermode
BBC Radio 4, 4-:430pm

1/3 Development Hell.

Who better than to talk you through the intricate, frustrating and fantastic process of making a movie than critic Kermode?

In this first of three programmes, he looks at how producers try to get the ball rolling.

Thursday 6 August

The Film Programme
BBC Radio 4, 4-4:30pm

Regular movie magazine, with news, interviews and red carpet tittle-tattle.

Friday 7 August

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review

No, not Mark Kermode again, because Edith Bowman and Robbie Collin give their views this week on the new releases hitting UK cinema screens.

Saturday 8 August

Sound of Cinema
BBC Radio 3, 2-3pm

Series that looks at the composers and sound wizards behind the aural beauty of movies. Presenter Matthew Sweet talks to American composer Marco Beltrami, the genius behind the scores to Scream and The Woman In Black.


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