Our reviewer on…the Toronto International Film Festival (2015) line-up


Our reviewer in…Maysa Moncao looks at the programme ahead for the forthcoming Toronto Film Festival in September.

Do you want to ask questions of your favourite directors and actors? Can’t afford to get to Canada? Find out inside how, via the wonder of Maysa and Twitter, you can ‘gain access’ to red carpet treats!

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Last week the programmers of Toronto International Film Festival announced its line-up via a press conference that could be followed on youtube. The list is promising:

  • The Martian by Ridley Scott
  • Demolition by Jean-Marc Vallet
  • The Lobster awarded in Cannes 2015
  • The Program by Stephen Frears
  • The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper
  • Youth by Paolo Sorrentino, among others.

Most of the films choose Toronto to premiere. Usually, there is a competition with the Venice Film Festival, but this year Venice will open a little bit earlier.

What you might not know is that some of the films still do not have a distributor, and Toronto is a go-to destination for sellers of acquisition titles and key world buyers.

To have a major name in the crew is not always a condition the film will be bought easily. Recently, Arbitrage starring Richard Gere, was launched first on DVD and blu ray and then it was screened in London Film Festival and got distributed. Even so, it is not a guarantee of success. (Considering this case, it didn’t go well. The movie is a flood of clichés!)

A week later after the announcement that Demolition would open TIFF 2015, a good choice if you consider Vallet (Wild) is a young Canadian talent. TIFF artistic director Cameron Bailey called a last-minute screening on the same opening night in September, Michael Moore’s Where To Invade Next.

For sure, it is because Moore has been super cautious and quiet about it. Another reason is that Where To Invade Next has no distributors yet.

TIFF is pitching Moore. Moore is pitching TIFF. Wanna see for yourself? Have a look at this Periscope twitter transmission.

Polemic by nature and self-marketing, Michael Moore has been away from the cinemas for six years now, which is plenty of time to build a curious dossier on Obama’s government. Whether it is a sensationalist tale about the Pentagon, whether it is an American genuinely opposition voice, something intriguing is about to be known. You soon will see. Follow me.

Maysa Moncao

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The full Toronto schedule of screenings.


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