Same time, next year…TIFF 2015 is over, but not forgotten


The Toronto International Film Festival finished yesterday. Hope you all enjoyed the sneaky-peak reviews from Our reviewer in… Maysa Moncao, giving a flavour of what the rest of 2015’s and 2016’s movie release schedules have to offer. Here, she sends us a brief summary of 10 other films she saw which you should keep an eye out for over the coming weeks and months, in order of preference.

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JAFAR PANAHI’S TAXI: For his new film, Panahi retreats to a confined location: the Taxi stillingenuous “Jafar’s Panahi taxi” is shot almost entirely within a cab that circles the streets of Tehran. It is an overwhelming lecture on filmmaking.


THE LOBSTER: Yorgos Lanthimos proposes a journey into a particular universe, where The Lobsterabsurd laws provoke bizarre behaviour by his characters. David (Colin Farrell) has just been left by his wife. He needs to find another partner soon otherwise he will be transformed into… a lobster. A romantic and funny take on relationships.


FREEHELD: New Jersey police officer Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore) was in the closet before she meets Stacie Andree (Ellen Page). Their love grows, they move in together but Freeheld stillsoon a tragedy will happen and define a much bigger thing in favour of equality.


LOUDER THAN BOMBS: Joachim Trier comes back with his first movie in the English Louder Than Bombs stilllanguage. Gene Reed (Gabriel Byrne) is a high-school teacher married to a war photographer, Isabelle (Isabelle Hupert). The family also have two boys who together would reveal a pletora of complications.


RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN: A very interesting Eastern tale on sentimentalism. Director Right Now Wrong Then stillHong Sang-soo encapsulate a formula for giving a love story two different developments. Details are velocity are crucial for the atmosphere.


CAMPO GRANDE: Another Brazilian movie on missing children and the deconstruction of Campo Grande stillthe cities. Sandra Kogut reveals many layers of the current Brazilian society, showing an Ipanema that is not at all seductive.


IN THE SHADOW OF WOMEN: A strong homage to the nouvelle vague. Filmed in black and In the Shadow Of Womenwhite, the feature modulates the ups and downs of bohemian life among two women and a man. Every lover of Truffaut, Godard and Rohmer should search this copy.


MEN & CHICKEN: A transgressive satire on family and eugenics that will probably disturb the Men and Chicken stillaudience. Mads Mikkelsen is almost unrecognizable as a stupid pervert.


MISS SHARON JONES!: A vibrant documentary about the soul singer, known as the female Miss Sharon Jones stillversion of James Brown. And a pulsant story on how strong a woman can be.


NO MEN BEYOND THIS POINT: A smart and hilarious take on gender politics, sounding a No Men Beyond This Point stillcall for balance. Imagine if all of a sudden women would procreate without sex and the population of men in the world would gradually become extinct. How would the youngest man in the world, Andrew Myers (Patrick Gilmore), react if he is still capable of procreating and the only creature that could save mankind?

Maysa Moncao


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