On the Basis of Sex (2018). Film review of the gender equality legal drama

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image four star rating very good lots to enjoy
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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (2019). Movie review of Tarantino’s 9th film as director by Claire Durrant and Jason Day

Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio Al Pacino in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


Claire’s rating

image four star rating very good lots to enjoy

Jason’s rating

image four star rating very good lots to enjoy
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Dumbo (2019). Film review of the new-take on the ‘elephant that flies’ romantic fantasy

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image four star rating very good lots to enjoy
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BAFTA (2019) film awards – preferred winners list

image film posters bafta 2019 nominees

The 2019 British Academy of Film and Television Arts annual film awards are tonight – 10 February 2019 – but who do we think will win the big eight awards? Read on for our preferred winners (in bold) and – if we think the awards will disagree – who could win (italics). We’ve linked to our reviews.

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Blog: See some of the best films of the year without leaving your house

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Netflix home-film distribution has seen a boom recently and our critic Nadine Shambrook blogs about why this such a good thing for the penny-minded, pound-clever movie lover.

There will be more from CineSocialUK about this, but what do you think? Would you swap the multiplex/indieplex for a nights in? Or do you think motion pictures are best viewed in the comfy dark of a cinema? Post your opinions below!


A cinema trip can be a nice treat, but home entertainment is the current in thing.

Let’s be honest, tickets at the cinema are pricey, there’s usually a glowing light in the distance of the dark screen from some idiot’s phone and sometimes there’s an annoying person talking. And that’s even if you can be bothered to leave the house!

image cinema curtain

Will increasing Netflix subscriptions spell the end of cinemas?

2018 has been the year of the ‘Netflix original’. There have been over 60 original films distributed by Netflix, along with originals on Amazon Prime, NowTV and other streaming services. Pop your own popcorn in the microwave, turn off the lights and watch on your very own home cinema screen.

This new way to watch the latest movies is only going to continue into 2019 and, more than likely, the Netflix original is going to have an even bigger year. Sooner or later Netflix films will be recognised for awards and a lot already premiere at festivals.

Alfonso Cuarón’s (Gravity, Children of Men) black and white family drama Roma, which premiered at the 75th Venice International Film Festival, will be distributed by Netflix during December this year and the latest film by the Coen brothers, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, premiered on Netflix this weekend. You don’t even have to leave your house to see some of the latest films from acclaimed directors.

Also in December is Andy Serkis’ Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle, his second directorial effort that is a darker retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel (not like the Disney adaptations) and Sandra Bullock is back in post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box.

If you’re stuck for what to watch at home, here are our recommendations of some of 2018’s best films on Netflix, for whatever mood you’re in for:

  • Rom Com: Set It Up
  • Sci-fi: Annihilation
  • Musical: Been So Long
  • Teen Chick Flick: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • Teen Sex Comedy: The Package
  • Christmas Cheese: The Holiday Calendar
  • Teen Sex Comedy: The Package
  • Indie Rom Com: Happy Anniversary
  • Action Comedy: Game Over, Man!
  • Western: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
  • Thriller: Hold the Dark
  • Horror: Apostle
  • Period Drama: Outlaw King

A lot of these are watchable and worth your time, but unlike visiting the cinema if you’re not feeling a film on Netflix you can stop, choose something new and not waste £12 on a ticket.

Some say streaming services like these will be negative for film entertainment, but I think they’re reviving the way we watch films.

At the moment, the cinema is still the place to see the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe instalment and Star Wars hit, and it will be here that I will see the films tipped for award glory in January and February.

But there’s something so special about a new film from the comfort of your own home.