Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton (2013)


Directors: Stephen Silha, Eric Slade, Dawn Logsdon. Frisky Divinity.





Cast & credits

Producer: Stephen Silha et al
Camera: Ian Hinkle.
Music: Evan Schiller, Jami Sieber.

James Broughton, Armistead Maupin, Anna Halprin, Keith Hennessy, Davey Havok (voice only).


What or who is Big Joy? Big Joy is James Broughton, pioneer of experimental cinema in the 1940s, and trickster poet who was a precursor to the beat movement in San Francisco. BIG JOY is a documentary that explores the twists and turns in the life of a very colorful character, plus how art has the power to save lives and make the world a better place. Broughton is a role model of living one’s life to the fullest, or “follow your own weird” as he called it. BIG JOY features interviews with experts, colleagues, friends and lovers, plus images from his films, and the words of many of his poems.

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