Jaws (1975). Film review of the movie about a big shark gobbling up bathers

Jaws (1975) Roy Scheider is attacked by a shark.


5 stars excellent genius a classic
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The Meg (2018). Jason Statham tackles a huge shark in this action adventure

image film the meg jason stat ham

Film review of the movie The Meg, starring Jason Statham as a rescue expert who must tackle a Megalodon, a massive prehistoric shark, after it is disturbed from an isolated existence after an engineering exploration.


2 stars film review fair passes the time

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The Shallows (2016). Wave upon wave of gnawing tension, but read my review to find out why this shark attack flick is a film to see.


Film review by Jason Day of the thriller about a surfer left stranded on a rocky outcrop, with only a hungry shark circling her for company. Starring Blake Lively.

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Director: Jaume Collet-Serra. 86mins. Columbia/Ombra Films/Weimeraner Republic. (15)

4stars - Very good lots to enjoy

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