Read all about it…movies in the news (17 Oct 2012)


I love the ‘Den of Geek’ website, always coming up with the best ‘Top 10…’ lists. You know, the type that shows someone has really watched and remembered their movies, i.e. a movie geek. This latest lists the author’s views on the creepiest towns in cinema.

Dame Maggie Smith is riding high on TV in Downton Abbey, for which most of the awards seem to go to her as the Dowager Countess and also in movie theatres, where she stars in Dustin Hoffman’s Quartet. At the BFI recently, she spoke about the need for more films about mature citizens aimed at mature citizens. The Daily Mail picks it up here.

Liam Neeson action film fans turn away now – the ‘What Culture’ website turns a critical eye on his recent blockbusters.


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