Future movie releases…w/e 26 October 2012


Elena – intense sounding Russian drama that won the Special Jury prize at Canes last year, in which a rich, cold man and his second wife, who comes from a more humble background, deal with their respective children. Official New Wave Films site is here. Showing at special, selected cinemas only.

Halloween – definitely the ultimate Halloween movie is John Carpenter’s chilling 1978 classic sees impressionable babysitter Jamie Lee Curtis learning the hard way about the provenance of all those scary movie lessons propounded in Scream. The good news? It’s showing all over the UK – goody, goody.

It Always Rains on Sunday – well, only on a Bank Holiday in the UK. A film critic noted of the British film star “Googie Withers. The audience doesn’t!” Well, found out for yourselves as here she is, in this 1947 drama in which a former convict tries to hide out at his ex’s house. Trouble is, Withers has since married and isn’t at all happy with the idea. Showing at key cities, via the BFI.

Room 237 – It’s 50 years since the first Bond film and 30 since Stanley Kubrick’s odd-bod horror The Shining reached cinema audiences. This documentary looks at the myriad of hidden meanings alleged to exist within the confines of it’s achingly frigid frames. Showing at key cities only. Official site is here.

Sister (L’Enfant d’en Haut) – a little boy living beneath a luxury ski resort with his sister starts stealing ski equipment to support them. But his Robin Hood lifestyle starts to fall apart when he happens upon a crooked British man. Official Adopt Films site is here. Showing at key cities.

Skyfall – need I say anything? New Bond film. Distribution? Saturation. Official site? Covered.

Stitches – British comedian Ross Noble stars in this light-hearted horror about a clown coming back from the dead to take revenge on those who helped kill him. IMDb has a bit more detail than the official site. Showing nationwide.

As of Monday 29 October…

Fun Size – or Adventures in Halloween Sitting, Victoria Justice has to find her baby brother when he goes missing during trick or treating. Showing nationwide. Official Paramount site is here.

As of Wednesday 31 October…

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – the perfect antidote to any saccharine, family oriented Halloween, the kinky, cross-dressing, gender-bending 70’s musical from Richard O’Brien. Susan Sarandon (in an early film role) plays one half of a naive American couple who take shelter during the rain in the Transylvanian castle of mad Dr Frank N’ Furter (an unrestrainedly camp Tim Curry).  Unfortunately, only showing at selected sites. Scream it up on the official UK fan site.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – sounding rather less than accomplished as Halloween fare (and rather aggravatingly showing everywhere) is the third installment in…Zzzzzzzz.


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