Future movie releases w/e Friday 2 November 2012


Call Me Kuchu – David Kato, Uganda’s first openly gay man, is someone of insurmountable courage and dedication. This important documentary highlights his battle to overturn political legislation in his home country that would see the death sentence imposed on gay men with HIV and possible prison sentences for people who do not ‘shop’ gays and lesbians to the authorities. Official site has the low-down, including screenings (key cities only).

Excision – as one would expect with any film associated with John Waters (here, only appearing in front of the camera), this is a strange sounding addition to the Halloween line-up. This horror sees a High School student Annalynne McCord dissecting road-kill for fun and fantasising about killing her peers. Sounds like a hoot; official site is here. Key cities only.

For A Good Time, Call… Former frenemies Ari Graynor and Laurie Miller start a phone sex line to make ends meet in this pink and frothy looking comedy. Frustratingly awkward to access further details (you are asked to submit contact details in order to watch the trailer on the website), so best to go straight to Facebook. Showing all over the UK.

Keep the Lights On – drama that follows two young gay men through a decade long relationship, with the highs and lows of a life marked by compulsive behaviour fuelled by drugs and sex. Trumpted in a recent Guardian article about the start of ‘real’ gay cinema. Official site is here. Key cities only.

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana – Bollywood drama in which a young man who travelled to London to become a success, but is now on the run from a UK gangster, has to travel home and pretend not to have failed. IMDb has more detail. Key cities only.

The Master – much touted for Oscar glory, this is a thinly veiled biopic about the establishment of the church of Scientology and follows its founder (Philip Seymour Hoffman) as he plies his bible across the states, with a volatile war veteran drifter (Jaquin Phoenix) going along. Good reviews (Guardian profile here) and the fact it has freaked Tom Cruise out mark this out as one to watch. Showing nationwide from 16 Nov.

Rust and Bone – drama about the bond between a Killer Whale trainer (Marion Cotillard) and a young man (Matthias Schoenaerts) who has left Belgium to live with his sister and support his young son. It won best film at the recent BFI London Film Festival. More info is here on IMDb. Showing all over the UK.

The Shining – a post-Halloween dusting off for Stanley Kubrick’s chillingly empty horror with Jack Nicholson. Showing at key cities only.

Tempest – drama documentary that follows young Londoners as they struggle to stage a version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, their story unfolding alongside of that of Prospero’s. Official site is here and includes screening details.

And on Tuesday 6…

East End Babylon – Richard England’s rockumentary charts the story of group Cockney Rejects but incorporates the history of the East End over more than a hundred years, including last year’s summer riots (the reason behind this being pulled from TV schedules at the time). Key cities only and official site is here.

And on Wednesday 7…

Argo – only real life can be stranger than Hollywood real life. Ben Affleck stars in this caper about the apparently true life effort to rescue a small group of US Embassy staff from Iran in the seventies…by posing as a fake film company trying to make a sic-fi epic. More info on Warner’s UK site.

The Sapphires – Chris O’Dowd (the nice cop in Bridesmaids) stars as an inspirational music manager who takes a group of girls from a poor Aboriginal mission on Australia and puts them on the world stage. Hasn’t there been enough soul girl group dramas already? Official site is here.



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