Read all about it…movies in the news (30 Oct 2012)


Just in time for Halloween tomorrow, the Calgary Sun helpfully categorises the main types of horror movies and the top movies within these sub-genres, including notable Canadian products.

The Den of Geek site also has it’s own, top 15 Halloween themed movies you might want to check out. Some of the choices are distinctly odd, as one would expect from this distinctly individual site (Mean Girls? Although Lindsay Lohan’s career is pretty scary these days).

And continuing the subject of scary movies, horror films can shock you thin! This Guardian article reports on a study that has shown people who watch horror movies burn more calories than when watching other genres (and you thought Ben Hur was gruelling). Forget the science (not all that ground-shaking, it seems) and check out the top 10 list.

Interesting feature in The Metro about how a community in Manchester have set up their own cinema in an abandoned working men’s club…and seen it thrive.

Saw this and thought it definitely worth airing as this local cinema in Walthamstow is very near to where I live. A big local campaign has been generated to help save an old cinema. The work continues. For more information about the trust and it’s work, visit their site here.

The Guardian (again!) talks to Nigerian director Kunle Afolayan about his career and ‘The New Nollywood’ that is emerging in African cinema. As well as just profiling this director, the article takes in how Nigerian cinema, faced with a lack of native outlets (only 10 mainstream cinemas are in the whole country!), has to think outside the box for success.

And the ultimate Halloween movie story – Tom Cruise hints at more Mission: Impossible films. The horror, the horror…

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