Future movie releases…w/e 15 Feb 2013


For Ellen – Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Ruby Sparks) stars in this drama about an absent father who, when served with divorce papers by his estranged wife, suddenly realises he doesn’t want to give up on fatherhood altogether and treks across America with his lawyer to see his daughter. Official Soda Pictures website is here; showing at key cities only.

Madame de… – Also released under the title of The Earrings of Madame De…this is one of Max Ophuls’ stylish romantic tragedy’s that follows the fate that befalls a group of interlinked characters when a peniless Countess (Danielle Darrieux) sells a pair of the expensive earrings her husband (Charles Boyer) gave her as a wedding present. Distributed by the BFI, this will be shown in these following London cinemas.

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God – this documentary recounts the story of four brave deaf men who in the first known case to go public, set about exposing the Catholic priests who abused them as children. Featuring the voices of Chris Cooper and Ethan Hawke, the film will be showing at key cities only and the official site is here.

Reign of Assassins – despite being initially released in 2010, this martial arts actioneer starring Michelle Yeoh as a former assassin who tries to go straight after being counselled by a Monk seems to have suffered delays due to the sale of distribution rights. Released to key cities only; Wikipedia has the low-down here.

Sammy’s Great Escape (3D) – animated 3D film from Belgium about a couple of turtles who are suddenly scooped up by a poacher. Showing nationwide, IMDb has the details here.

Side By Side – Martin Scorsese made a shock announcement last year that, despite being an ardent fan of celluloid, technological demands meant it was no longer viable to film in anything other than digital. This documentary from Keanu Reeves of all people features him, Danny Boyle, George Lucas, David Lynch, James Cameron and a host of others talking to Reeves about the pros and the cons of switching to digital film-making. The official Axiom Films website is here and this will be showing at key cities only.

And on Monday 18 February…

Ollie Kepler’s Expanding Purple World – strange sounding drama with Edward Hogg as an astronomer who is trying to get over the death of this wife, hampered by a broken promise that comes back to haunt him. Official website is here, but is on a limited release only.

And on Thursday 21 February…

The Butterfly’s Dream – this lush looking Turkish romance follows the lives of two poets who compete for the hand of a beautiful girl by writing her the best poems. Official site in English is here, but will only be showing on a limited release.


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