Future movie releases…w/e Fri 5 April 2013


All Things To All Men – no official site, but Facebook has a catchy poster here to draw you in. A thief is caught up in a game of cat and mouse between a cop and a London crime boss. The cast list includes mainstays of British film and theatre Toby Stephens, Rufus Sewell and Gabriel Byrne. MC Harvey is in support! Showing nationwide.

The Expatriate – it’s never a good sign when a film goes through a name change. Usually a sign of poor box office somewhere and a hasty re-marketing plan to hope the sh*t doesn’t stick, but Yahoo! Movies list a few examples here and other explanations. This one, originally called Erased, was retitled due to high piracy rates on initial release. Hmmm, depends on how good it is if you believe that. No official site, but IMDb has the low-down here; Aaron Eckhart is the ex-CIA man who is hunted by his former employers when they suspect he is part of a conspiracy. Showing at key cities only.

A Late Quartet I love how Fox Film have banned the trailer for this film from their own website for people in the UK on “copyright grounds”; how else will you pull people in to see a film about the in-fighting, egos and health of a string quartet celebrating their 25th anniversary?! Not with this dull and perfunctionary website that’s for sure. The incredible cast includes Christopher Walken, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener so a shame we in the UK can’t see a bit of them at their best. Will be showing at most UK cinemas.

Mahmut & Meryem – Turkish historical romance about a young Sultanate heir who is more in love with the daughter of a monk (!) than following his father’s dreams for him of ruling as a tyrannical Emperor. The official Turkish site for this beautiful looking film is here; English speakers may want to use IMDb. London screenings only.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green – Disney whimsy with Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton as suburbanites who dream for a child of their own. Their wishes come true when young CJ Adams turns up on their doorstep one stormy night. Official Disney site is here; will be showing nationwide.

Papadopoulos and Sons – more credit crunch cinema, this one sees a multimillionaire facing rack and ruin when the latest financial crisis takes everything from him. Except the down and out Fish and Chip Shop he co-owns with his estranged brother. The official site is here and contains details of Cineworld screenings here.

Spring Breakers –  Selena Gomez is a party girl who, along with three friends, find themselves busted one night for possessing drugs. Local thug James Franco surprisingly bails them out and takes them on a spring holiday they’ll never forget. Who needs lawyers when you have James Franco with a full wallet?! Official website is here; showing all over.

Thursday Till Sunday – Chilean set drama about innocence and loss, seen through the eye of a 10 year old during a family car trip. Official Day for Night studios site is here with the trailer; showing at key cities only.


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