Future movie releases…w/e 12 April 2013


First Position – this documentary, that has won a clutch of film festival awards stateside, follows several young ballet dancers as they compete for a handful of scholarships and contracts to elite dance schools in America. The official website has the low-down here; it will be showing at key cities only.

Flying Blind – Helen McCrory is an aerospace engineer who begins an affair with a younger, Muslim man (Najib Oudghiri) who sparks a security scare when their passion for each other is found out. The official site is here, with screening locations here.

The Gatekeepers – in this documentary, six former members of Shin Bet, Israel’s secret service agency, talk about their past actions and decisions during the Six Day War. The official site is here.

Oblivion – epic and exciting looking sci-thriller, as one would expect form a Tom Cruise film. A future earth has been decimated beyond recognition following a conflict with an enemy known as the Scavs. Cruise is one of the few humans stationed on the planet but his life is changed when he rescues a beautiful stranger and the future of mankind is in his hands. Isn’t Cruise bored of saving the planet by now? He needs some new plots. Official website is here; the film will be showing nationwide.

The Place Beyond the Pines – real-life couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes star as, respectively, a circus motorbike stunt rider and his lover who has just given birth to his son. Giving up the big tent life, he starts committing a series of robberies. But ambitious cop Bradley Cooper is on his tail. IMDb has the low-down here; the film will be showing at most cinema across the UK.

Scary Movie 5 – really? Number 5? Surprised the series hasn’t run out of steam by now but, with Lindsey Lohan on board this time, perhaps the horror movie parody franchise’s death knell has been rung? Jam packed website but the jokes seem strained and obvious. Showing nationwide.

Simon Killer – Brady Corbet stars as Michael, handsome but with a slightly off-putting air to him who strikes up a relationship with exotic Parisienne prostitute Mati Diop. From the makers of Martha Marcy May Marlene. Official site is here; showing at key cities only.

Theorem – The BFI continue to show a series of films the then hated, now revered, Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. This titillating sexual morality tale sees Terence Stamp as the handsome drifter who insinuates his way into a middle class house by sleeping with the father, mother (Sylvana Mangano), daughter, son, even the maid (Laura Betti, who won the best actress award at the Venice Film festival). The BFI’s site has more details here, including screenings in London, Scotland and Penzance.

And on Wednesday 17 April…

Olympus Has Fallen – President Aaron Eckhart is captured when terrorists take over the White House. Just happening to be inside is disgraced former Presidential bodyguard Gerard Butler. His insider knowledge is used to save the day. Actioneer showing at most big UK multiplexes, the official website is here.

And on Thursday 18 April…

Evil Dead – remake of Sam Raimi’s fondly remembered cult zombie horror from 1981. Five friends holed up in a remote cabin find a book of the dead and promptly summon the characters up, just to pass the time of day. And they instantly regret it. Showing nationwide; the official website is here.



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