Read all about it…movies in the news (26 April 2013)



Judy Davis is very probably Australia’s finest actor. She’s also one of the prickliest as this Guardian interview with Ryan Gilbey can attest. She has famously fallen out with many a director, including cinema titan David Lean and George Sluizer. A great glimpse into the method behind the star who doesn’t want to be a star…and any interview that gets the word ‘discombobulated’ into the first sentence.


Disney has often been slated for making animals in cinema too human. But how does this propensity to anthropomorphise animals affect our understanding of them? What’s the real truth and how does Hollywood make sure this doesn’t affect telling a good story? The Guardian’s Steve Rose looks at the implications here. And Disney are quoted saying many scientists are all for this view of animals. Well, obviously.


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