Forthcoming movie releases…w/e 3 May 2013


21 and Over – From the writers of The Hangover, so it follows that drinking excessively is integral to the plot. Is cinema staggering toward a new genre, ‘The Pissup’? Two college guys who are already 21 take their medical student friend out to celebrate his 21st, even though he has an important interview the very next day. The official Tumblr site, while fun, aggravatingly doesn’t tell you any details about the movie, so go to Wikipedia here. Showing nationwide.

All Stars (3D) –  kiddytastic dance movie, part Glee, part Grange Hill, in which a group of kids put on a show to help save their local youth centre. Featuring Girls Aloud’s Kimberly Walsh. Showing nationwide; the official Vertigo Films website is here.

Cimpanzee – I highlighted an interesting Guardian article about film’s such as this last week. Directed by the BBC’s former Natural History Unit maestro’s Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield, this docudrama follows a young chimp who is left alone after a confrontation with a rival chimpanzee gang. Disney’s official site is here; the film will be showing all over the UK.

Come Out and Play – Mexican horror, a little like Village of the Damned, in which two soon-to-be parents take a holiday to an island where there are only children. Obviously, there’s something not quite right about them. The Facebook page is here, but it will only be showing on a limited run.

Dead Man Down – Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace star in this thriller as two people drawn together by their desire for revenge. Terrence Howard and Dominic Cooper round off the star cast in this American debut for Niels Arden Oplev, the director of the original Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. This will be showing nationwide and the official website is here.

Dragon – Donnie Yen stars in this martial arts thriller about a reformed gang lord on the run and the detective who will stop at nothing to bring him down. Facebook page is here; the film will be shown on a limited run only.

Eye of the Storm – another article I picked up recently was an interview, again in The Guardian, with iconic Australian actress Judy Davis. She spoke about her role in this as Charlotte Rampling’s strange daughter who teams up with brother Geoffrey Rush to get their hands on their vast inheritance. If anything, it shows that these actors are continuing to make interesting cinematic choices. The official site is here; details of UK screenings are here.

Gimme the Loot – Bronx set drama in which two Graffiti artists embark on a journey to raise the funds to spray a New York landmark. The official site is here; the film will be showing at key cities only.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day Don Hertzfeldt has been one of the world’s most inventive animator’s, making beguiling and sardonic line-drawing animations for nearly 20 years. This is his feature length debut. Showing at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London only; screening dates and times are here.

I’m So Excited – Pedro Almodovar is in danger of becoming the Spanish Woody Allen; all that early fame and talent fading into nothing more than light, fluffy efforts as he enters his twilight years. This effort, described by himself as a light, very light comedy, is set on a plane and features cameos from Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas. Official Facebook page is here; the film will be showing at key cities only.

Robosapien – no, not a futuristic horror, but even more horrific, if merchandising cash-ins get your gooseflesh going. This is a live-action/animated film based on the titular toy. Robbie Coleman and Penelope Ann Miller star. The official Facebook page is here and it will, mercifully, be showing at key cities only.

And on Thursday 9 May…

Star Trek: Into Darkness – director J.J. Abrahms’ follow-up to his reinvigorating take on the old Trekkie format sees the crew of the Enterprise returning to Earth only to find that someone has decimated their fleet and left the world in crisis. It’s up to them to hunt down the man responsible. The official UK site is here; it will, of course, be showing at every cinema up and down the country.


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