Future movie release…w/e 14 June 2013


Admission – comedy from the director of Little Fockers starring Tina Fey as a Princeton admissions officer whose major promotion seems scuppered by the arrival of a student who may be the son she gave up for adoption years before. The film will be showing at most cinemas over the UK, the IMDb page has the technical details here.

Fukrey – Bollywood sends up Avengers Assemble. No release details, but the official Facebook page is here.

Man of Steel – THE movie event so far in 2013, but that’s enough of Henry Caville’s physique being on show. Caville steps into Brandon Routh’s red boots as Superman in this action blockbuster from director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen). The official Warner Brothers site is here; the film will be showing nationwide.

Much Ado About Nothing – Joss (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Wheedon’s modern take on the Shakespeare play that follows two pairs of lovers who each have a different take on love. The official Facebook page is here, the film be showing at key cities only.

Paradise: Love – this Austrian film follows in the footsteps of Francois Ozon’s Going South, chronicling middle aged European women in search of fun with young Kenyan men. The official Soda Pictures website is here, the film will be showing at key cities.

Stuck in Love – novelist Greg Kinnear dips his toes back into the dating world, in order to get over ex-wife Jennifer Connolly in this romantic comedy from writer/director Josh Boone. The official website is here, the film will be showing across the UK.

Summer in February – drama that follows the bohemian English set in Cornwall shortly before WWI, with Dominic Cooper as artist AJ Munnings. The official website is here, the film will be showing at key cities only, but you can find out which one here.

On Monday 17 June…

I am Nasrine – 9/11 cinema, following a young Iranian girl and her brother and their differing reactions to being relocated to the UK. The film will be on a limited run only, but you can find out where to catch it here.

On Wednesday 19 June…

A Haunted House – not quite sure what will turn out to be funnier about this film, the gags in this spoof send up of horror films or the official website’s claim that Marlon Wayans is the “genius creator” behind Scary Movie and White Chicks.


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