Future movie releases…w/e 28 June 2013


The Act of Killing – in this documentary co-executive produced by Werner Herzog, former members of Indonesian hit squads re-enact their most famous killings in the style of their favourite American movies. What a carve up! The official website is here and there is a list of screenings here.

The Battle of the Sexes – docudrama of the famous tennis match in 1973 between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. Riggs, emboldened by a win over top female tennis star Margaret Court, taunted players everywhere that no woman was a match against a man. King took him on and won. The film will be showing at key cities only. Read more about the match here and the film in this Telegraph piece here.

Despicable Me 2 (3D) – Universal animation that sees the return of arch villain Gru (voiced by Steve Carrel). The film will be showing all over the UK and the official site is here, with screening locations found in this neat little booking tool.

The East – this probably has one of the most aggravating websites (you are asked a series of baffling questions that lead frustratingly to a trailer and no text information). Alexander Skarsgard and Brit Marling star in this thriller about an operative for an elite, private intelligence firm infiltrating a group who conduct attacks on large corporations. Will be screening across most major UK cinema screens.

I Want Your Love – already banned in Australia, this gay drama features scenes of real sex in a story about a young San Franciscan who has a party before he leaves to head back home. The official website is here, with screening details.

Night of Silence – Turkish drama, winner of the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, in which a young bride, fearful of consummating her marriage with a man she has never met, distracts him with tales, the situation becoming stranger as the dawn encroaches on them. The official website is here; including all of the London-only screening locations.

Renoir – this drama looks at the painter Auguste, his son the film director Jean and their muse Andree who enters their lives when the younger Renoir is recovering from injuries sustained in WWI. The film can be found on the Goldwyn website, no exact link I’m afraid, but it will be showing at key cities.

Stand Up Guys – what looks like a dream cast (Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin and Julianna Margulies) team up in this Goodfellas on Zimmer Frames thriller about old time gangsters out for one last big night…except one of them is harbouring a dangerous secret. The official website is here; the film will be showing across most UK screens.

Stories We Tell – Canadian actor-turned director Sarah Polley is an interesting talent to keep an eye on, as she develops behind the camera. Here, she directs herself as the interviewer recording story-tellers of varying reliability as they relate a tale to her. The truth, as she finds, depends entirely on who is telling it. Showing at the Curzon (London) only; the official site is here.

This Is the End – there has been a spate of end of the world dramas and comedies recently. In this Seth Rogan starrer, the end meets The Hangover as a group of lads find their invitation to Hollywood star James Franco’s house party rudely interrupted by an impending apocalypse. The official site is here; it will be playing all over the country.

Venus and Serena – obvious timing seeing as Wimbledon has started to release this obvious documentary following the most famous female tennis players on the planet. It will be showing at key cities only, but the official site is here.

And on Monday 1 July…

Confine – model Daisy Lowe makes her acting debut as a scarred model who is taken hostage by charismatic robber Eliza Bennett. The official website is here but, unfortunately for Lowe, it is only showing on a limited run.

And on Wednesday 3 July…

The Internship – Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson re-team in this comedy as a couple of middle-aged losers who skank an internship a Google but find they are up against younger, more tech-savvy competitors for real employment there. The official website is here; the film will be showing at almost every cinema across the UK.

Now You See Me – a group of elite illusionists pull off a series of heists as they steal from business leaders during their performances, pitting them against the FBI. Stars Michael Caine, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher, the official website is here and the film will be showing all over.


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