Forthcoming movie releases…w/e Friday 16 August 2013


2 Guns – a big few weeks for Mark Wahlberg, who not only stars in Pain and Gain  released at the end of this month, but also appears alongside Denzel Washington in this thriller from Contraband director, Baltasar Kormakur. They play undercover operatives reeling after a drug cartel bust goes tits up. The official Sony Pictures site is here; the film will be playing all across the UK.

Aftershock – Chilean disaster movie starring Eli Roth about a group of clubbers who have to escape from an underground nightclub when an earthquake hits. But that’s only the start of their troubles. Official Studio Canal website is here but has scant information; Wikipedia has some more details. Limited release only, so check your art house cinemas for any listings.

Bachelorette – the growing genre of female-led outrageous comedy continues with this Kirsten Dunst/Isla Fisher hen night flick. Expect strippers, giggles and tears – though presumably not all from the strippers. No details on release, but this will more than likely play at most multiplexes. Official site is here.

The Big City – the cinema schedules here regularly feature Bollywood musicals (see Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, below) and drama but little of the big art house stuff that put Indian cinema on the map, such as this Satayjit Ray drama about a traditional man struggling to support a large extended family and being shocked when his spirited wife takes up work as a shop girl. Showing at selected cinemas across the UK via the BFI; their website has more information about where you can catch it here.

Call Girl – Swedish thriller about a prostitute, new to Stockholm, and her rise through the sexually liberated city in the seventies. The official Artificial Eye website is here and the Find Any Film website has details of where it will be playing here.

Kuma – Turkish drama about a young girl in Austria who is to be a man’s second wife and how she assimilates into his family, led by his formidable wife. The film will be showing at key cities across the UK and the official Peccadillo Pictures website lists them all with a booking option here.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara – Bollywood musical about a high flying gangster falling in love with an aspiring actress. The official B4U website contains a list of all UK cinemas showing the film, along with details and pics, here.

Planes – a by-the-numbers animated film from Disney about a crop-dusting plane who dreams of winning a flying race. The official website is here; the film will show at most multiplexes.

When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun – this documentary, seven years in the making, from director Dirk Simon, looks at why Tibet has still not gained freedom and independence from Chinese occupation. The official website is here; the film will play at key cities only.

And from Wednesday 21 August…

Elysium – District 9 (2009) was an aggravating film that tried to crack a peanut with a sledgehammer when discussing apartheid in South Africa. That movie’s director turns his hand to this Oblivion style sci-fi thriller as Matt Damon attempts to help the population of a crowded, ruined Earth seek a better life on the blissful, paradise space station of the title, lorded over by hard-ass administrator Jodie Foster. Sounds a bit more like it. The official Sony Pictures site is here and the film will be playing at most UK cinemas.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – deafening echoes of Underworld here in this horror as teenager Lily Collins finds out she is descended from a long-line of people who help rid the world of demons. The official website is here and the film will be showing right across the UK, you lucky things.


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