Forthcoming UK movie releases…w/e 23 August 2013


The Dyatlov Pass Incident – not the sexiest of film titles for a Blair Witch style horror about what happened to a group of hikers who went missing whilst on a mountain trek in Russia. Co-star (and former Hollyoaks babe) Gemma Atkinson spoke to the Metro today about her role in the movie here. The official Facebook page is here; the film will play at key cities only.

Jurassic Park 3D – not a film ripe for re-showing, considering the endless ITV3 screenings. Anyway, if one wants to see reconstituted dinosaurs on the rampage in 3D, it will be showing at IMAX cinemas only.

The Kings of Summer – coming-of-age drama that sees three friends spending the summer away from the yoke of their parents so they can live off the land and build a house together. They quickly realise how important family (any family) really is. The official site is here and the film will show at key cities only.

Lovelace – hotly anticipated porn-bio with Amanda Seyfried as the titular Linda Lovelace, of Deep Throat notoriety. Peter Sarsgaard stars as her abusive and jealous husband Chuck Traynor. The official site is here and the film be showing across most big screens in the UK.

Madras Cafe – Indian actioneer with John Abraham as an Indian Intelligence officer landing on an island and attempting to break a rebel group. The official website is here.

Morrissey 25: Live – singer Morrissey performed a small gig in March at the Hollywood High School. This documentary hears from fans and the man himself about their unwavering devotion and his career. The official website is here; the film will show at key cities only, so check your local art-house cinemas for screenings.

On Landguard Point – ambitious sounding, non-narrative film incorporating music, poetry and visuals looking into how people construct a sense of home. The official website is here; details of screenings are in there.

We’re the Millers – comedy starring Jason Sudekis as a small-time dope dealer in debt to his supplier who poses as a fake Dad to smuggle a large cache into the states from Mexico. Jennifer Aniston’s stripper assumes the role of his wife. The official Warner Bros. site is here; the film will be showing all over.

What Maisie Knew – based on a Henry James novel this drama stars Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan as two self-absorbed parents of a precocious child, blind to how their own behaviour, including separating and moving in with younger partners, affects their daughter. The official site is here; the film will be showing at most UK cinemas.

Winter of Discontent – set against the backdrop of the protests in Cairo’s Tahir Square in 2011, this film follows the story of one man who is the victim of state terror. The official website is here; the film will show at key cities only.

And from Wednesday 28 August…

The Way, Way Back – not the most informative of websites, but this comedy drama stars Liam Jones as an awkward teenager who goes on holiday with his mother and her boyfriend, but finding a better friend in the guy who owns the local water amusement park. That site is here, but IMDb has more detail here. The film will be showing at most UK cinemas.

You’re Next – as ominous a title as you could ever get. The Tumblr website has the jolliest music here, but as the title suggests, this is a horror about a family on holiday in a remote cabin being picked off one by one by an unknown assailant(s). Unbeknownst to the killer(s), one of the family has a secret talent for fighting back. The film will be showing across the UK.

And from Thursday 29 August…

One Direction – This Is Us (3D) – prepare for an onslaught of tweeny-boppers at multiplexes up and down the country as they pack into auditoriums to watch the tween idols of the moment in 3D for this almost required ‘back stage on tour’ documentary for any boy band. The official website is here.



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