New movies out this Friday, 6 March 2015


A list of new films released in UK cinemas as of Friday 6 March 2015, with links to official sites and trailers. To find out what cinemas are showing these movies nearest to you, use Find Any Film.

Appropriate Behaviour Appropriate Behaviour Poster

A bisexual Iranian teenager in New York embarks on a series of escapades due to the lack of acceptance, or even recognition, by her family, friends and her ex-girlfriend. The official webpage includes details of where to catch the film (showing at key cities only).


South African director Neil Blomkamp’s follow-up of sorts to the critically applauded Area 9 (2009). Blomkamp continues to explore racial tolerance, the metaphor this time is of a robot who learns to think for itself, rather than a human who suddenly turns into an alien. The official website with trailer has the full lowdown, but it will have a wide distribution so you should be able to catch it at most multiplexes.

DifretDifret poster

Angelina Jolie is the Executive Producer of this film about a lawyer who represents a young girl in Ethiopia who shot and killed a man who was part of a gang trying to kidnap her and marry her off. The lawyer has to tread the fine line between respecting cultural traditions and upholding the rights of the girl in the modern world. The official Soda Pictures webpage includes a trailer and details of where in the UK you can catch it.


This documentary follows the work of Brenda, a former child prostitute in Chicago who after a violent encounter with a man decided to turn her life around and became an inspiration for other woman in a similar situation to change their lives too. The official website contains details of the key cities the film will be screening at.

Fast and Furious 7Fast & Furious 7 poster

Now on its seventh (count it people!) installment, so if you like fast cars, monosyllabic men and sexy girls, you will be in seventh heaven for this. Join Vin Diesel and, in his last completed film before his untimely death at the age of 40, Paul Walker. The official website will give you all the info you need and you should be able to catch this just about everywhere.

High Tide

British drama about a woman who takes her troubled teenage son out of school one day to try and reconnect with him. The official webpage is here and the film will be playing at key cities only, so check out Find Any Film for details of where.


British crime thriller about a policeman used to the odd dodgy bit of policing struggling to survive in London when the hand of fate favours the European criminal gangs on his turf. No official website easily to hand, this will be showing on a limited run only.

Kill the MessengerKill the Messenger poster

Jeremy Renner stars as real-life journalist Gary Webb in this thriller about a hack uncovering evidence that the US government colluded with drug cartels in Latin America to arm rebels fighting in Nicaragua. The official website tells you a bit more.

Life Of Riley

Esteemed French director Alain Resnais’ last feature film before his death in March last year is adapted from an Alan Ayckbourn play and  concerns the emotional fallout when an actress’ ex-partner is diagnosed with a terminal disease. The official webpage includes details of where you can see the film in the UK (key cities only).

Still AliceStill Alice poster

Julianne Moore won the Best Actress Oscar just recently (as well as the BAFTA and countless other film awards) for her performance as a relatively young woman afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Her family, who have to learn to live with this alongside her, include husband Alec Baldwin and one of her children is played by Kristen Stewart. The official Sony Classics webpage has the trailer; it will be showing across a wide range of cinemas, but check Find Any Film for your nearest one.

Unfinished Business

Vince Vaughan takes his employees Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco to Europe but the seemingly routine business trip to close a big deal soon goes off the rails. The official 20th Century Fox webpage has the trailer and the other details, it will be playing at practically all UK cinemas.

White Bird In a Blizzard

A star supporting cast flesh out this kooky drama from writer/director Greg Araki about a young woman (Shailene Woodley) who has just discovered boys, but whose mother (Eva Green) suddenly goes missing. She has to balance enjoying the freedom with finding her mom. The official Magnolia Pictures webpage tells you all you need to know about the film; it will be shown at key UK cities only.


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