New movies out in the UK…from Friday 21 August 2015


A list of the new film’s being released in cinemas across the UK from Friday 14 August 2015, including links to official websites. 

For where to see the films use the Find Any Film website.

A Dozen SummersA Dozen Summers poster

British comedy drama about growing up in the 21st century. Twins Maisie and Daisy McCormack inadvertently hijack a more traditional children’s film and take an audience on a tour of their increasingly complicated journey towards adolescence. On a limited run of screenings only, check out Find Any Film (link above) for where.

Official website with trailer.

The Bad Education Movie

Jack Whitehall takes his Channel 4 comedy onto the big screen, as his teacher character from the programme takes his pupils on the ‘mother of all field trips’. No official website, but it will be playing all over the country.

See the official trailer.

The Dance Of RealityThe-Dance-of-Reality-Poster-mini-296

Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky hasn’t made a film in 23 years so for fans of his, you might want to catch this surreal drama. Largely biographical, it is filmed in Jodorowsky’s home town and see this younger self (Jeremias Herskovits) encountering various people who had an impact on Jodorowky’s unique take on life.

It will be showing at key cities only. See the official website for the trailer and other interesting stuff.

Escobar: Paradise Lost

Nick (Josh Hutcherson) thinks he has found paradise when he goes to join his brother in Colombia. A turquoise lagoon, an ivory beach, perfect waves – it’s a dream for this young Canadian surfer. Then he meets Maria (Claudia Traisac), a stunning Colombian girl. They fall madly in love, and everything is going great. That is, until Maria introduces Nick to her uncle: Pablo Escobar (Benecio del Toro).

The Munro Films website has little more detail than the above summary. This will be showing at key cities only, so use Find Any Film to locate where.

See the official trailer on Youtube.

The Forgotten KingdomThe Forgotton Kingdom poster

Atang (Zenzo Ngqobe) leaves the slums of Johannesburg to return to his ancestral land of Lesotho, where he must bury his estranged father in the remote, mountainous village where he was born. Stirred by memories of his youth, he falls in love with his childhood friend, Dineo (Nozipho Nkelemba), now a radiant young school teacher. Through her, Atang is drawn toward the mystical beauty and hardships of the people and land he had forgotten, and faces his own bittersweet reckoning.

Showing at key cities only, the official website has everything you need to find out more.

Gemma Bovary

Everyone’s favourite buxom English movie lass Gemma Arterton stars in this cute looking Brit-French comedy drama as a modern day Madame Bovary whose adulterous liaisons are observed from afar by local baker Fabrice Luchini, who sees her life mirroring that of the title character in Flaubert’s novel, his favourite book.

This will have a wide release, but use the official Soda Pictures webpage to see where your nearest screening will be.

Good PeopleGood People Poster

Nice American couple James Franco and Kate Hudson are having money troubles and are trying, unsuccessfully, to have a baby. They get into all sorts of trouble when they find their tenant dead and an awful lot of money hidden in his apartment.

The official website has the trailer. Check Find Any Film for where to see it.

Looking For Love

Documentary in which several black men and women talk about sex and relationships and how they are looking for or have found true love.

The official website has the trailer, gallery and details of where you can see the film (key cities only).

The President

This Georgian drama tells the story of the last days of a dictator who comes face to face with the people he previously subjugated, as his country is taken over by revolutionaries.

Showing at key cities only, the Facebook page has the lowdown.

PressurePressure poster

Four saturation divers are trapped beneath the waves in this action thriller starring Matthew Goode and Danny Huston.

The official Pinewood Pictures webpage won’t tell you much more, but this will be showing at key cities only.

See the official trailer on Youtube.

Sinister 2

Horror film about a young mother and her twin sons, who move into a rural house that’s marked for death. Sounds like she needs a better estate agent.

See the official website for more; this will have a wide distribution but use Find Any Film to check for your nearest cinema.

Strange MagicStrange Magic poster

Goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion form the basis of this animated film from George Lucas. Featuring the voices of Alan Cumming, Evan Rachel Wood and Alfred Molina, the official website has the trailer. On a limited run only, so check Find Any Film for where.

The Treatment

Nordic noir thriller. A husband and wife are discovered, imprisoned in their own home. Worse is to come though as their young son is missing. Detective Inspector Nick Cafmeyer is called in to investigate and as he digs deeper he exposes an insidious criminal network that unnervingly has links to his own past. Showing in key cities only, the Peccadillo Pictures webpage has the trailer.

VacationVacation poster

“My, hasn’t Chevy Chase aged!”, is what you might say when you see this update of National Lampoons Vacation as a new generation of Griswold’s (headed by Ed Helm and Christina Applegate) head to the fabled amusement park of ‘Wally World’. The official site has the trailer; showing all over the UK.

The Wolfpack

Our very own Maysa Moncao grabbed a viewing of this at the recent Tribeca Film Festival, giving it the thumbs up. A group of teenage boys hidden from the world in a Manhattan housing project have gleaned all they know about the outside based on the movies they have seen and acted out. But as they get older, they yearn to experience it for real. A hit with other critics, you can see this at key cities only, so check Find Any Film for where.

See the official website.

And from Thursday 27 August…

Hitman: Agent 47Hitman - Agent 46 Poster

Rupert Friend bags the title role, an elite, genetically engineered, super-assassin who battles with his deadliest foe. Showing on almost all cinema screens, here is the Facebook page if you want to know more.

We Are Your Friends

Zac Efron is the young electro-DJ on the cusp of creating the next big club track. When he meets and falls in love with the girlfriend of an older DJ, he must make a choice between her, his career or loyalty. See the official website for a bit more detail, it will be showing on almost all UK cinema screens.













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