New movies out in the UK…Friday 28 August


A list of the new film’s being released in cinemas across the UK from Friday 14 August 2015, including links to official websites. 

For where to see the films use the Find Any Film website.

45 Years45 Years

Charlotte Rampling stars as Kate, who is preparing to celebrate her 45th wedding anniversary with husband Geoff (Tom Courtenay). All is going well until news arrives that the body of his long-since dead first love, has been found preserved in the glaciers of the Swiss Alps. No official website, but it will have a wide distribution. Use Find Any Film to see where it is showing.

Barely Lethal

A teenage special ops agent (Hailee Steinfeld) yearning for a “normal” adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls as an exchange student in a typical American high school. She quickly learns that surviving the treacherous waters of being a teenager can be more difficult than international espionage. Co-starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba, this will only have a limited release, check out Find Any Film for where.

Official website for Barely Lethal.

Billy Fury: The Sound Of FuryBilly Fury film poster

Documentary about the titular 1950’s British rock ‘n’ roll star featuring contributions from, amongst others, Lord Putnam and Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman. Check out the official website for more information and the trailer.

Showing at key cities only.


A dusting off and reissue in key cities only for Michaelangelo Antonioni’s seminal 1960’s classic, starring his muse Monica Vitti  who has an affair with strapping Alain Delon, but his materialism threatens to doom their romance.

No official website or page for this, but check Find Any Film for where to see is.

Straight Outta Comptonsq_straight_outta_compton

Some negative press has emerged around the release of this film, chronicling the rise of the US rap band N.W.A. and co-founder Dr Dre’s alleged violence toward women and his later apology. It has given the film notoriety at least.

Check out the official website for the full low down. It will have a wide distribution so you should be able to see it at most multiplexes.

On Saturday 29  August…

En EquilibreEn Equilibre poster

Famous equestrian Albert Dupontel is paralysed after a riding accident. His bitterness is compounded by his insurance company refusing to pay out. He waits on the visit of his insurance assessor, who happens to be the seductive Cecile de France. No official website in English, but for those of you whose French is up to snuff, check out the Facebook page for more.

Showing on a limited run only; check out Find Any Film for where you can see this.










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