The big films released this week are…


If you are off to the cinema this weekend, below is a list of the main movies being released in the UK. To find out your nearest cinema showing these films, use the Find Any Film website.

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Film of the week…released Wednesday 30 September

The Martian

Matt Damon stars as an astronaut stranded on the surface of Mars who must use science The Martian posterand ingenuity to survive on this most hostile of places. He is ably supported by the likes Jessica Chastain and Chiwetel Ejiofor who help mount a rescue as Damon figures out how to grow food and stop himself from imploding. Expect some big office returns for this sci-fi from Ridley Scott, released across most UK cinema screens, the official website will help you locate your nearest cinema.

And to get yourself really clued up, see our Maysa Moncao’s review of the film, which she caught at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.

Released on Friday 2 October

The Intern

I rather like the inoffensive, sparkling romcoms from Nancy Meyers The Intern poster(Something’s Gotta Give et al) and this one looks likely to follow suit. Robert De Niro (who just recently snaffled headlines when he walked out of an interview with the Radio Times while promoting this film) is a 70 year old senior intern at an online fashion site founded by the much younger Anne Hathaway. Commendably, it doesn’t go down the romantic road for these two actors (respectively 72 and 32 in real life).

Showing all over the UK, check out the official Facebook page for more.


Michal Fassbender attempts ‘The Scottish play’ for director Justin Kurzel.  Of course, it’s the Macbeth posterclassic Shakespeare tale about an ambitious Scottish lord who seizes the throne with the help of his wife (Marion Cotillard). Again, this will be playing all over the UK. The official Facebook page has more.

The Walk (IMAX only. Main release will be 9 October)

Just seeing the trailer for this verge-inducing drama was an endurance in itself; in 3D, I doubt The Walk postermy stomach and senses could take it! Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the real-life French tightrope walker who, in the 1970’s, attempted to walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. Robert Zemeckis directs. See the official Facebook page for more. Showing all over the UK.

Release on Thursday 8 October


Our reviewer in…Maysa Moncao saw this law enforcement/drug cartel action thriller starring Sicario posterEmily Blunt recently. This is now on general release, across most UK cinema screens.






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