The big film’s released at the end of this week are…


If you are off to the cinema this weekend, below is a list of the main movies being released in the UK, as of this Friday, 23 October 2015. To find out your nearest cinema showing these films, use the Find Any Film website.

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Between Two WorldsBetween Two Worlds poster

Admission – I’m a massive fan of electro-house act Example so, pretty surprised (and happy) to see him supporting in this Brit-flick, under his real name of Elliot Gleave. He is ‘The Money Man’, one of the best pals of Chris Mason, a party-boy who suddenly finds love with sweet girl Hannah Britland. Trailer seems cute and the look of the film is clean, young and generally bang tidy. showing at key cities only, check out the official website for trailer etc.

Brand: A Second Coming

Whatever you think about Russell Brand, he certainly has a wonderful way of winding up the powers that be, as evidenced by his trouncing of MPs at a Select Committee Hearing in 2012 on the government’s drugs policies. Here, this documentary looks at his new role as a political campaigner and spokesperson, dangerous territory for a comedian…or is it?

Showing on a limited release only, check out Find Any Film for where you can catch it.

See the official website for the trailer and more info.

Mississippi Grindmississipi grind poster

Pretty-boy Ryan Reynolds is banging out some interesting performances in some arresting small-scale fare these days. Here, he plays a poker player who teams up with talented, but down on his luck gambler Ben Mendelsohn who follow the titular river and pop into as many casinos and racing tracks as they can to break Mendelsohn’s losing streak.

Check out the A24 webpage for the trailer and more on what has been called Reynolds’ best performance so far.

Paranormal Activity: Ghost DimensionParanormal Ghost Dimension poster

Apologies for chipping in with too personal an observation, but is this series of films still going? I count this as the sixth film of bumps in the night, but this one is billed as the “horrifying conclusion” to the series. Check out the official Paramount UK website for more. This will be playing to saturation so horror fans should be able to see it just about every place.

SpectreSpectre Bond poster

You know a Bond film is about to be released when it’s not Christmas but there’s a sudden splash of men’s watch adverts everywhere. Bond knows a good timepiece, like he knows a good Martini, good Aston Martin, stiff-upper lipped high-octane action sequence and some classy crumpet (in this film they include Léa Seydoux and, at 51, the oldest Bond girl ever, the still delectable Monica Belucci). The plot? Bond gets a secret message about the titular secret organisation and slopes off to investigate, drinking and shagging en route. The trailer? All on the official 007 site (and looking like a spankingly tip-top production, as one would expect). The review? Stay tuned here for something fun, fulsome and informed. The film will be showing at just about every cinema that has a working projector.


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