New films out in the UK this Friday, 26 February 2016


A list of the new films being released across the UK, from Friday 26 February 2016. Use the Find Any Film website for details of which cinema nearest to you will show these movies.

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The Benefactor

Richard Gere stars as ‘Franny’ (the film’s rather ugly, original title), a philanthropist who meddles in the lives of a newly-married couple in an attempt to relive his past. Reviews have not been good thus far and there is no official website, so check Wikipedia and IMDb for the details. Use Find Any Film for where to see it as this will be on a limited release only.

ExposedExposed poster

Keanu Reeves plays a cop whose partner is found stabbed to death, apparently after his dodgy deals catch up with him. Not believing the rumours and despite the fact he is sleeping with the man’s widow, Reeves determines to clear the man’s name with the help of beautiful witness Ana De Maras in this efficient looking thriller. See the official Lionsgate website for more. Showing at key cities only, so Find Any Film will tell you what one’s.

The ForestThe Forest poster

Brit girl of the moment Natalia Dormer loves a good nudie scene and has previously got them out in: The Tudors, Game Of Thrones, Rush (2013) and The Scandalous Lady W. It’s difficult to tell with the trailer for this ‘zombies in the woods’ horror if she will comply again, but there are at least a few scares as she travels deep into a forest where bad spirits reside to find her missing twin sister. Showing all over the UK, see the official website for more.

King JackKing Jack

Drama about Jack (Charley Plummer) a scrappy kid stuck in a run-down small town. He is trapped in a violent feud with a cruel older bully and faces another bout of summer school. So when Jack’s aunt falls ill and his younger cousin must stay with him for the weekend, the last thing Jack wants to do is look after him. Unfortunately no one really cares what Jack wants. See the official website for more. See Find Any Film for which key cities you can see this.

Secret In Their EyesSecret In Their Eye poster

A solid star cast headlines this thriller from Billy Ray (Captain Phillips, 2013). A team of rising FBI investigators (Chiwetel Ejiofor, Julia Roberts), along with their District Attorney supervisor (Nicole Kidman) is torn apart when they discover that Roberts’ teenage daughter has been brutally and inexplicably murdered. 13 years later, a new lead is uncovered. But no one is prepared for the shocking secret that will reveal the destructive effects of personal vengeance. See the official website for more; this will be showing all across the UK.

And on Thursday 4 March…

London Has FallenLondon Has Fallen poster

…but, don’t panic! America is here to save it! Gerard Butler is the Secret Service agent who must save American President Aaron Eckhart when terrorists strike during the funeral of the British Prime Minister in our capital, leaving the leader of the free world stranded. But who can they trust? See the official website for more, this will be showing at just about every cinema going.


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