New films out in the UK on Friday 15 July 2016…use this list to plan what you want to see.


A list of the new films being released across the UK, from Friday 15 July 2016. The big release is Ice Age: Collision Course (3D). Use the Find Any Film website for details of which cinema nearest to you will show these movies.

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Ice Age: Collision Course (3D)

The big release of the week is the fifth cinematically released installment in the 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky series of animated films about a disparate group of animals during the last Ice Age and their comic journeys through the Earth’s ever shifting climate. In this film, Scrat happens upon a frozen UFO, jump starts it and smashes into the moon, accidentally causing a huge meteor to hurtle toward the planet. The race is on to stop it.

Check out the official website for the trailer, games etc. It will be showing all over the UK so expect a mega-hit.

BaskinBashkin poster

A squad of unsuspecting cops go through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building, in this Turkish/American film, the feature debut from director Can Evrenol. See the official website for the trailer and more detail. It will be on a limited release only, so use Find Any Film to locate your nearest cinema.

The Hard StopThe Hard Stop poster

The death of Mark Duggan at the hands of London police sparked a wave of violence, lootig and criminal damage across the capital in 2011. This film takes the form of an observational documentary that follows the progress of two of Duggan’s friends over the course of 24 months as they deal with bereavement, imprisonment and unemployment whilst the journalistic debate about who exactly their friend Duggan was and the judicial inquiry into his killing plays out as a news story in the background. Sounds like hard-hitting stuff. See the official website for the trailer and more about the docu. Showing at key cities only, so check Find Any Film for where you can catch it.

Men and ChickenMen and Chicken poster

When a film is billed on its official webpage as “an outlandish hybrid of The Three Stooges and The Island of Dr Moreau” starring Mads Mikkelsen, you know you are in for an oddball filmic treat. Two outcast brothers, through getting to know their unknown family, discover a horrible truth about themselves and their relatives. It’s all about family dynamics and getting to know your relatives, with some surreal, cartoon physical violence throw in for good measure, is the only way I can succinctly summarise it. Showing at key cities only.

Precious CargoPrecious Cargo poster

Remember Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black, 1998)? Mark Paul Gosselaar (Saved By the Bell, 1989-1992)? Well, if you do and want to see them on the big screen again, here they are in this thriller about a crime boss who tries to make off with loot that belongs to another thief. Bruce Willis co-stars. Showing at key cities only, check the official Signature Entertainment webpage for the trailer and more.

SummertimeSummertime poster

Set during civil unrest in Paris in the 1970’s, this romance looks at the love affair between a country girl (Izïa Higelin) who moves to the capital to escape the confines of her traditional family home. She falls in love with a feminist activist (Cecile de France), but their relationship is tested when she is recalled home following her father’s stroke. Director Catherine Corsini handles the drama which has been receiving some good reviews, including Variety who called it “beautifully realised”. Check the official Curzon Cinema webpage for more, including where you can see the film.


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