New fims released in the UK on Friday 2 September 2016. Use our list to start planning your movie weekend.


A list of the new films released across the UK, from Friday 2 September 2016. The big releases are Ben Hur and Sausage Party. Use the Find Any Film website for details of which cinema nearest to you will show these movies.

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Ben Hur

Released across the UK on Wednesday 7 September in 3D, this big-screen remake of William Wyler’s multi-Oscar winning 1959 epic and Fred Niblo’s equally esteemed 1926 silent version, has a high-class pedigree to live up to.

The making of the first two films has cemented their places in Hollywood lore, so will director Timur Bekmambetov (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter), tackle them head on, or kneel in their presence? Was it wise to splash $100 million on a Roman-era epic when the genre has long been out of fashion?

Jack Huston, in the title role, has what seems an insurmountable task in taking on Charlton Heston and Ramon Novarro, as does Toby Kebbel in the old Stephen Boyd/Francis X. Bushman role of Messala. It will be showing in almost all UK cinemas. See the official Paramount website for more.

The 9th Life Of Louis DraxThe 9th Life Of Louis Drax poster

Psychiatrist Jamie Dornan (50 Shades Of Grey – and the film’s publicity people are wisely playing this connection up) starts to fall for the mother of a 9 year old boy who survives a series of inexplicable and near fatal accidents in this supernatural thriller. Co-starring Sarah Gadon, Aaron Paul and Barbara Hershey, the film is out on Friday and will be screened in key cities only.

BrotherhoodBrotherhood poster

Third (and final, or else we go into Middleagedhood before Senilehood) film in the gritty, urban youth series, following Kidulthood (2006) and Adulthood (2008). Now released from Prison, Sam (Noel Clarke) is committed to being a good father to his young child. But the past is not prepared to let him go as the Uncle of the man he killed swears revenge. See the official website for the trailer and more, including screening locations.

Cafe SocietyCafe Society poster

A world away from the dank, inner city life depicted above is the glittering, beautiful locales of the Hollywood and New York nightclub sets of the 1930’s. Writer/director Woody Allen transports himself back in time, in the guise of Jesse Eisenberg, as a young man who falls in love with his club-owning Uncle’s assistant Kristen Stewart. The film certainly looks stunning, but will this be his next Blue Jasmine? See the official website for the trailer. It will have a wide release, so check out Find Any Film to find your nearest cinema.

Chick LitChick Lit poster

A very British story (centred around the pub) and featuring a strong British cast (Eileen Atkins, John Hurt, James Wilby). Four men decide to group write a 50 Shades rip-off to save their beloved local from closure. It becomes a best seller but the publisher wants the female ‘author’ to do the publicity. Unfortunately, the actress they hire also becomes a hit and she turns the tables on them. See the official Capriol Films webpage for more. This will have a limited run only and as Find Any Film doesn’t currently feature this film, check your local cinema websites for screening locations.

EquityEquity poster

Women in the boardroom drama, as a female investment banker (Anna Gunn), fighting to rise to the top of the corporate ladder at a competitive Wall Street firm, navigates controversial work in the post-financial crisis world, where loyalties are suspect, regulations are tight, but pressure to bring in “big money” remains high. The film is about women in the finance sector, but concerns itself with their ambitions rather than their mishaps, hence the title deftly plays with equality. Check out the official Sony Pictures website for more. This will be on  limited run, but Find Any Film should be able to help you locate your nearest cinema.

Jim: The James Foley StoryJim The James Foley Story poster

Foley was the American photojournalist executed on camera by Isis in 2014. This documentary about his life and the aftermath of his death, is filmed by his collegaue and friend, filmmaker Brian Oakes. See the official Dogwoof productions webpage for more information, including screening locations as this will be shown in key UK cities only.

MorganMorgan film poster

Kate Mara stars in this Ridley Scott produced sci-fi thriller as a corporate troubleshooter sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent “human,” who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger. See the official website for more. This will have a wide release across the UK, so use Find Any Film for your nearest cinema.

Sausage PartySausage Party poster

You’d be forgiven for assuming (as I did) that this animated tale of various food stuffs’ journey from the supermarket to our homes (where all food wants to end up) was a slightly off kilter Pixar or Dreamworks piece. So why the very dark story about consumption? The vaginal looking hot dog buns? The violence of the humans as they wash, peel and chop the food?

The foul language is the giveaway that this is actually from the people behind Pineapple Express (2008) and Superbad (2007) et al so obviously features the vocal talents of people like Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill. The trailer on the official website looks very funny and inventive, as all good animated films should be. Use Find Any Film to start planning your cinema trip.

Things To ComeThings To Come 2016 poster

2016 is the year of Isabelle Huppert (she has four films released this year, including the controversial rape thriller Elle and 6 others to come out next year). Not that she hasn’t had her own time in the sun before, given the quality and quantity of her output to date, but this volume of work is extraordinary. In this drama, she plays a teacher who must learn to navigate a new found freedom when he husband leaves her for another woman. Expect superlative acting from La Huppert. See the official Curzon cinema page for more detail, including screening details.


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