The Trial of the Chicago Seven (2020). Film review of the courtroom drama starring Sacha Baron-Cohen



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Grimsby (2016)


Film review of the comedy about an uncouth, party-loving man from Grimsby, Lincolnshire (Sacha Baron-Cohen) who causes mayhem when he is reunited with his long-lost younger brother (Mark Strong) who is now a refined, urbane spy.

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Director: Louis Leterrier. (83 mins). Big Talk/Four By Two/L Star Capital et al (15).


2stars - Fair/ passes the time


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Hugo (2011). Review of the fantasy film about a boy who discovers a silent movie director in a train station.

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Film review by Jason Day about an orphaned boy who, whistle hiding from the conductor of a Paris train station, happens to find Georges Melies, the ‘grandfather of cinema’, who now mends watches for a living. Starring Asa Butterfield and Ben Kingsley.



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