New movies out in the UK…as of Friday 19 June 2015


A list of the new films being released in UK cinemas as of Friday 29 May 2015. For details of where to see these films, use the Find Any Film website.

Accidental LoveAccidental_Love_poster

The genesis of this comedy has been a difficult one. Director David O. Russell (I Heart Huckabees) disowned the project shortly after filming was completed, due to ongoing production delays following financial difficulties. This might explain the film’s poor performance stateside. The film follows Alice (Jennifer Beals), a small-town waitress who is accidentally shot in the head by a nail gun. Her lack of health insurance renders her unable to have the nail removed, leading to increased mood swings and hypersexual behavior as a result of brain damage. Alice then heads to Washington, DC to campaign for those with bizarre injuries, with the support of an unprincipled Congressman. No official website, but Wikipedia some has more details. Showing at key cities only.

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