UK movies out this Friday, 20 June 2014


The big and the small, the bad and the beautiful, slamming into your auditoriums (ooh err) this Friday…

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UK movie releases: w/e 24 January 2014


From this Friday…

August: Osage County

A star cast (Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Juliet Lewis, Benedict’s Cucumber-batch – are there any new film’s this man isn’t in?) feature in John Wells’ seriously dysfunctional family drama. Roberts, one of three sisters whose lives have taken vastly different turns, returns home and has to contend with, amongst other issues, her melodramatic, pill-popping mother (Streep).  Roberts has snagged herself a Best Supporting Actress nod, Streep (again) is in the running for Best Actress. The official website is here; the film will be playing all over.

Dark Days

Mark Singer’s brave sounding documentary follows members of a group of homeless people who have for some years lived beneath New York in an abandoned train tunnel. The official site is here; the film will play at key cities only.

The General

Perhaps silent movie comedian Buster Keaton’s most famous movie, this Civil War ‘epic’ (at 1 hour and 29 minutes, it is a long film for Keaton) sees him as a train engineer chasing after the Confederate soldiers who have stolen his locomotive. almost the entire film is taken up by a grandly orchestrated chase as he tried to get it back. The Park Circus webpage is here; the film will be showing at these locations.

The Grudge Match

Two old cinematic boxing champs (Sylvester Stallone as Rocky and Robert De Niro who was previously a Raging Bull) dust of their Zimmer frames and beef up at the gym as two former boxing champs who have a re-match many years after Stallone mysteriously and suddenly retired. An interesting pairing; these two have made a good film in the past (Copland, 1997) so there is some hope here, especially with Kim Basinger and Alan Arkin in support. The official website is here and the film will be playing across the whole UK.

Inside Llewyn Davis

The Cohen brothers’ latest feature has them focusing on a young folk musician in the 60’s (Oscar Isaac) who is just on the verge of being the next big thing. Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake co-star as does a cat that Isaac is either chasing or carrying throughout (so metaphor’s will feature strongly in most critics’ reviews). I’m ambivalent about Cohen films, having failed to crack a smile at their ‘comedies’ Intolerable Cruelty (2003) and Burn After Reading (2008) but loving every second of No Country For Old Men (2007). This at least looks well acted from the trailers and the glowing photography looks adorable. The official Canal+ webpage is here and you will be able to see it just about everywhere.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Third reboot of the screen adaptations of the Tom Clancy thrillers, sees Chris Pine step into Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck’s shoes in this original story. Pine uncovers a Russian plot to destabilise the American economy with a terrorist attack. Kevin Costner and Keira Knightley co-star in a film that will be playing just about every place. The official website is here.


The teenager is a thoroughly modern concept so this drama looks at being a teenager during the first half of the twentieth century, from members of the Hitler Youth to black Boy Scouts. The official website is here; including screening details here.

And on Wednesday 29 January…

I, Frankenstein

Aaron Eckhart looks in decidedly fine, ripped fettle (age: 45)  as a modern day monster in writer/director Stuart Beattie’s silly sounding adaptation of  the Darkstorm Studios graphic novel, itself following upmteen increasingly ridiculous screen versions of what was Mary Shelley’s rather far-fetched and florid literary classic. Having lived for more than 200 years since his creator (Aden Young) stitched him together from the body parts stolen from corpses and a soupcon of electricity, Adam the monster still walks the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, he discovers he holds the key that could destroy humankind. At only an hour and a half, it seems suspiciously short but could be a fun night at the movies, in a Van Helzing kind of way. The official site is here and the film will be everywhere.

Out of the Furnace

Phew! Christian Bale, that very serious actor, is currently in ‘fitty’ mode for cinematic fans. Stuck in a dead end job, he gets involved with a notorious criminal gang when his brother (Casey Affleck), who works for them, mysteriously vanishes. Zoe Saldana is on-hand to help him solve this. The official Tumblr site is here; the film will be playing to saturation point.

That Awkward Moment

Stills have already been released from this film, showing Zac Efron peeing in an odd position following a Viagra overdose, an indication therefore of the type of comedy here as three friends face that titular point in a relationship when a young man must decide where things are going. The official site is here and the film will be showing just up, down and round the whole of the UK.


Future movie releases…w/e Friday 3 January 2014


Age of Uprising

Mads Mikkelsen stars as a farmer in 16th Century France who takes violent revenge against the local M’Lord steals two of his horses. The official Music Box Film’s web page is here; use this link on Find Any Film to see where it is showing.

La Belle et la Bete

Jean Cocteau’s achingly beautiful telling of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale stars his off-screen lover, the achingly beautiful Jean Marais as the beast and Josette Day as beauty. Re-released as part of the BFI’s ‘Gothic’ season, movie’s don’t come more ravishing than this. The BFI’s web page with screening locations is here.

Last Vegas

On the cusp of turning into OAP’s, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline revisit their youth in Las Vegas to celebrate bachelor Douglas finally getting married to his much younger girlfriend. Sounds like The Hangover with a bus pass. The official Universal website is here and you can book tickets/get screening locations from the home page. It even takes you direct to your nearest cinema – bonus!

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

This isn’t the first biopic of Nelson Mandela (for instance, Freeman played in him in the sports drama Invictus, 2009) but this has an added piquancy as Mandela passed away as the film was premiered in London a few weeks ago. Idris Elba grabs an opportunity for a unique headline role in mainstream cinema therefore to play the man from his youth, through his struggle to end Apartheid in South Africa and his latter days as the first black President of South Africa. Noemie Harris plays his controversial second wife Winnie. The film will be screened across almost all UK cinemas and the official website is here.

The Missing Picture

One man’s search for a photo of a war crime in Cambodia when the Khmer Rouge ruled becomes a quest for the nature of reality and representation in this Cannes Film Festival winning film with plasticine dolls as the characters. The official New Wave Films site is here; the film will show at key cities only.


UK movie releases…w/e Friday 13 December 2013


Unlucky for some today, but not if you are planning a visit to the cinema over the next few days, you lucky, lucky things you!

Here are the main UK releases for this week:

The Christmas Candle

Santa Clause is a-coming and you can instantly tell by the titles of the festive season’s movie offerings. This fable sees Hans Matheson as a vicar who arrives in a village steeped in magic and miracles, but teetering on the edge of modernity thanks to his new fangled ideas. Sounds cute and loads of good online stuff: official website here, Facebook page here and full list of cinema’s screening it with booking info here.

Cinema Paradiso

A classic of world cinema; film-maker Philippe Noiret visits his home town and recalls how the local cinema’s projectionist fired his enthusiasm for making movies. Re-released as part of the film’s 25th anniversary; no details about screenings other than it will show in key cities only so keep ’em peeled on your local art-house or big multiplex screens.

Fill the Void

Life in an orthodox Jewish community as a young woman is pressurised by her family to marry the widower of her recently deceased sister. Official Artificial Eye pictures page is here; the film will show at key cities only.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Ridiculously titled second instalment in the forever-to-conclude Peter Jackson sextet of Tolkein epics. Hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) continues his journey to reclaim the dwarf kingdom of Erebor. Ian McKellan co-stars as the wizard Gandalf. The immaculate official website is here and the film will be showing at just about every cinema up and down and across the land.

The Innocents

A chilling Christmas ghost story showing as part of the BFI’s ‘Gothic’ season. Deborah Kerr stars as the Victorian governess who becomes convinced her charges have been possessed following the death of her predecessor. Think The Others but minus Nicole Kidman’s ‘gerbil in the headlights’ ™ acting and buoyed up by the fantastical Kerr, almost possessed herself. The BFI site gives you screening locations here as this is will be at key cities only.

Tamla Rose

A Scouse Dreamgirls (2006) about a Motown-esque girl group pursuing stardom. The official Facebook page is here, official website is here and the film will show at key cities only.

And on Wednesday 18 December…

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Will Ferrel returns as news anchor Ron Burgundy as prepares to head up America’s first ever 24 hours news station. It won’t be easy when his old colleagues Steve Carrel (weatherman), Paul Rudd (the ‘man on the street’) and David Koechner (sports desk) also join him. The official site is here and the film will be playing all across the UK.

Future movie releases…w/e Friday 6 December 2013


Big Bad Wolves

This violent Israeli thriller has been acclaimed by no-less an authority on such movies than Quentin Tarantino as the best film this year.

A vigilante cop, sure he knows the identity of a child killer, beats the suspect half to death. But this is filmed and goes viral, leading to an escalation of his problems. No official site, but Wikipedia has the low-down here. The film will be on a limited showing only so keep your peepers out for it.

Black Nativity

Teenager Jacob Latimore moves in with strict religious relatives (Forrest Whittaker, Angela Bassett) but embarks on a journey of faith himself when he tries to return home to mom Jennifer Hudson. The official Fox Searchlight page is here; the film will be showing across most of the UK.

Floating Skyscrapers

Polish gay drama about an athlete’s developing sexual curiosity for a man he meets at a gallery opening. Apparently one of Polish cinema’s only queer offerings, the film will be showing at these limited locations and the official Facebook page is here.

Frozen (3D)

Disney animated adventure about a spirited girl who sets out to rescue her sister, whose magical powers have frozen the kingdom of Arendelle in perpetual winter. The official site is here and the film will be playing all over the show.


Former race car driver Ethan Hawke steals “international music sensation” (if you believe the website’s blurb) Selena Gomez’s car, with the girl still in it, as a means to save his wife. You might have to bear with this plot. The official site is here; the film will show at most UK cinemas.


Coming in the wake of the much lauded American drama Breaking Bad this action thriller sees Jason Statham as a former Drug Enforcement Agency man moving to a small town with his family but finding himself entangled with the local Crystal Meth lord (James Franco). Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth round out the star cast; Sylvester Stallone is the credited scribe. The official Facebook page is here; the film should be playing at all cinemas with enough screens.

Kill Your Darlings

Director John Krokidas’ feature film debut looks at what happened when a murder happened that brought together leading beat generation poets Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe), Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and William S. Burroughs (Ben Foster). The film will show at key cities only, but Facebook lists the locations here.


Slightly bonkers and certainly outrageous, this sex-fuelled Danish comedy follows two men as they plough through Denmark and unmentionable debaucheries as they join their friend on a secret, sex-fuelled canoeing weekend. Comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen play the two leads and the film will be showing at key cities only. Official site is here.

A Long Way From Home

James Fox goes for his ‘Bogart/Death in Venice’ slot as a retired Brit lusting after Natalie Dormer’s younger woman while he takes it easy in France with wife Brenda Fricker. The film will show at key cities only and the official Soda Pictures is here.


Bruce Dern could well be a shoe-in for an Oscar next year if the buzz around his performance here is anything to go by. He receives a sweepstake letter and, thinking he’s won it big, ropes in son Will Forte to take him on a road trip across four states to collect his prize. Alexander Payne (Abouth Schmidt, Sideways) directs. The official website is here and the film will be showing across the whole of the UK at most cinemas.


American remake, surprisingly directed by Spike Lee, of the decidedly weird 2003 Park Chan-Wook thriller. Josh Brolin stars as a man who is imprisoned and framed for the rape and murder of his ex-wixe, his daughter having been taken away and adopted by another family. He spends the next 20 years training as a boxer to take revenge on the men who did this to him. But there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye as one can see from the official Tumblr site here. The film should be playing at most places.

The Patience Stone

Afghani film, based on the novel by Atiq Rahimi tells one woman’s story to break away from silence and oppression. The stills of the film alone look heart-achingly beautiful. The film will show at key cities only and the official webpage is here.

The Powder Room

Brit actress of the moment Sheridan Smith leads a largely female cast of girls in this raucous ‘girls on the piss’ comedy as they face up to where their lives are as they paint the town red. Jaime Winstone co-stars. The film will be showing at key cities only and the official Vertigo Films page is here.

Rough Cut

Director James Shovlin explores and pays homage to the slasher genre with this film-within-a-film, following a remake of an old classic of the genre. The official website is here and it will show at key cities only.

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

Matthew Miele’s documentary peeks behind the scenes at the legendary American department store. Contributors include Joan Rivers and Karl Lagerfeld. The official website is here and the film show at key cities only. If you want the lowdown on the store itself, click here.

This Ain’t California

Drama-documentary following the hitherto neglected 80’s skateboarding scene in the East Berlin of the 1980’s. Now there can’t be many of these films, so knock yourselves out skater boyz and girls! The official Facebook page is here and the film will show at key cities only.


Future movie releases…w/e Friday 22 November 2013


Blue is the Warmest Colour – some controversy around this tale of a lesbian teenager (Adèle Exarchopoulos) and her affair with her blue-haired teacher (Léa Seydoux), some accusing it of perving a little longer than necessary on the characters (see Metro  interview with Seydoux here). Either way, this seems brave and frank and will be showing at many UK cinemas, so check out your art house places or bigger multiplexes. Official Artificial Eye site is here.

Breakfast With Jonny Wilkinson – as you might predict, this comedy takes place during the Rugby World Cup as a local team are set to lose their beloved chairman. The official Facebook page is here and the film will be playing at key cities only.

Computer Chess – it’s not often that chess forms part of a film. And even rarer for that film to be a comedy. Computer developers pit their intelligence against that of chess masters during a weekend of software development craziness. Hilair! Thankfully, it will only be showing at key cities so easy to miss. The official Flickr site is here.

The Family – Luc Besson is probably the last director one would associate with the crime genre. But here he is helping this darkly funny ‘mafia fish out of water’ thriller with Robert De Niro as the crime boss relocated under the witness protection scheme with his family to a small town in France after snitching on the mob. Trouble is, they find it hard to shed their old way of life and, of course, are soon tracked down. The official Tumblr site is here; the film will be showing at most UK cinemas.

Flu – Korean pandemic disaster film. The official website is in Korean, as is the Facebook page, so if you don’t speak the dialect, better check out IMDb here. The film will be showing at key cities only.

Gone With the Wind – aaaaah. There can be no better word for this, possibly the most famous of Hollywood films, than perfection. And by perfection we are of course bypassing the rampant racism, wild histrionics, Vivien Leigh’s continent jumping accent (and most of said histrionics) and the longuers after the Civil War has finished. Classic American film-making like this will never be seen again. Clark Gable, Leslie Howard and (the only remaining principal cast member still alive, at the grand old age of 97) Olivia de Havilland round out some of the massive cast list. Re-released in a tarted up edit, it is being presented by the BFI at these cinemas to coincide with what have been Leigh’s 100th birthday.

Killing Oswald – 50 years ago this week JFK was assassinated so there has been a glut of TV documentaries to chronicle this seismic historical event. This docu looks into the mystery of why the President and his killer Lee Harvey Oswald were both murdered that year. The official website is here and the film will be playing at key cities only.

Parkland – and here is the second big screen JFK offering this week, purporting to be the ‘true’ telling of that fateful day in Dallas. The disparate stories of various people closely involved in the tragedy, including duty doctor Zac Efron are woven together, a la Robert Altman. The official site is here; the film will be showing all over.

Vendetta – ‘Danny Dyer back doing what he does best!’ scream the slogans for this crime thriller, not leaving us many entertaining options to contemplate. He kills someone trying to break into his shop and the man’s gang return to beat him and rape his wife leading to a sub-Death Wish on a council estate. The film will be showing at key cities only and the official website is here.

Vivan las Antipodas! – beautiful sounding documentary as filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky takes us to several antipodes on the planet (antipodes being places that are diametrically opposed to one another) to show us the different people who live there. The official website contains a little more here; the film will show at key cities only.